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Ok get this shes mad at me because I told my friend and his girlfriend overheard I said that if I wasn't dating my girl I would totally bang another I understand how she can get upset but here is what she said

"Your temptations are harmless but temptations almost always turn into ambitions and that's why I think we should just be friends no weirdness" WTF what can I do???

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    Ur Scr*wed! Why The Hell Would U Say That?? All I Can Say Is Get On Ur Hands & Knees & BEG!! lol

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    Was there a specific girl that you were speaking of when you said you would totally bang you? If so then i can understand your girl's feelings. You can ask for forgiveness. Tell her that you were interested in her and that your feelings for her would keep you from straying.

    If you tell her that and she doesn't forgive you, then maybe you have to go back to friends and see how it goes. Is it possible she might be looking to break up anyway and is using this for an excuse?

    but you can't say things like that around girls and it not get back. You are probably thinking only like a guy but you said it out loud. Women don't want to know you are attracted to someone else. And she could be right that being attracted to someone else might lead you away. she may have had a bad relationship with someone else or maybe with a father who left her mom. So people have background that comes with them too.

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    I think anything you say at this point will make a mountain out of a mole hill if you try to be serious with it. Let's face it, men are very sexually oriented in the brains department and women would prefer not to hear the junk that goes on in our heads. Let time heal this wound and try to have a sense of humor with it, just talk and not bring it up again unless she does. You'll regain her trust if you're a decent guy.

    And if not, you can always remember this lesson and never repeat it again

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    You can try to tell her you were just kidding around or you can try and see if she'll forgive you. If not then be good friends with her and don't talk about anything sexual about other girls that she can possibly find out about. Soon she'll think you changed and she might give you another chance. Good luck.

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    Hah, you obviously don't deserve her.

    If you're always thinking of something better you're never going to appreciate what you actually have?

    Do you know how degrading that must feel?

    I get if it's just you and you're bros, but obviously people and girls were around to hear,

    your a joke.

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    9 years ago

    If this is your gf, she.should learn to take a joke. Tell her that u think ur friends gf is ugly and u just wanted to see how she would react or mabye if this is how she acts to to ur jokes than is she really worth it

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    9 years ago

    your a duche bag! she deserves better

    unless you explain shes the most importanest thing to you and shes more beautifulest thing on earth

    instead of being a complete assholee about it

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    Well u need to explain to her tht she means alot to you, and u hav to actually feel that way or it wont work

  • she got a good point and i think she is actually jealouse that u said that when u was in a relationship

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    9 years ago

    first of all that was stupid. like really stupid.

    seems like youve lost her trust so you need to do something out of the blue that will make her trust you again. like you need to do something she wouldnt predict that shows her she means something more to you then she thinks.

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