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endothermy vs. homeothermy?

The distinction between endothermy and homeothermy relates to

a.) cause and effect

b.) source of heat and dependence of body temp. on external temperatures, respectively

c) the two are synonyms of each others

d) a and b are correct

e.) a, b, and c are correct

I think the answer is C, but I'm not sure.

Thank you!

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    it is B because these two terms are different by definition the term endothermic means that an organisms source of heat is generated by the organism itself, the definiton of homeothermic is an organism that can maintain a relatively stable temp. with that said it is possible to have an organism that is exotherm (source of heat from outside) that is homeothermic, as well as an organism that is endothermic but has a fluctuating temp. a prime example of that would be the naked mole rat which keeps an internal source of heat but lets its temp fluctuate

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