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Spanish help... a word translate please?

The word "company", how would you say "i work for a huge company" verses.... "I'm having company over for dinner"... Two different meanings but same word.. so in spanish which one is "Compania" and how would u say the other one... thanks! :)

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    compañía, corporación, empresa, firma, sociedad, asociación, consorcio, asocio, persona moral; Synonyms: association, corporation, enterprise, business, commercial organization, concern, establishment; An institution created to conduct business.

    He only invests in large well-established companies.

    He started the company in his garage.

    we have company = tenemos visita

    I'm having company for dinner = hoy tengo invitados a comer

    he is good company = es un buen compañero

    to keep bad company = andar en malas compañías

    present company excepted = mejorando lo presente

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    Company = Compañía or visita (whichever you like best)

    I work for a huge company = Yo trabajo para una gran compañía

    I'm having company over for dinner = Traigo compañía hoy para la cena.

    Compañía as in english has two meanings:

    -People that are with you (We are having company today.)

    -A business (My company has been improving gradually.)

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