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I need help on making up my own propaganda! PLEASE help.?

Okay. So pretty much I'm not very good in Social Studies, and I really need help on this homework assignment. It says: Create a propaganda poster which gives a message as per today's lesson. Your poster should be colorful, creative, and provide a strong political message including verbiage relative to the poster. I have no idea what to draw or what to put or anything! I'm stressing out so much it's not even funny. But, the propaganda poster, it should have to do with World War 2, that's what i want to try to focus on. Like the Jews, Hitler, or Rosie the Riveter, stuff like that. I really need some ideas to draw and a political message to go along with it! I have to get up in front of the class and do this and the guy I'm completely in love with is in that class and my face always turns red so easily. I'm so nervous. Please, any ideas?!

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