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How much of California's state budget deficit is due to HIV medications?

I am 100% for providing medical care to all people who need help. I am 100% against a drug cartel where large companies and their stocks make huge profits off of people who are sick. I recall a John Kerry vs George Bush presidential debate where Kerry wanted to legalize the purchase of medicinal drugs from Canada at 20% of what we pay to companies for the same drugs from companies in the USA. The current national average cost for HIV medication is over roughly $25,000 per person per year. If we could get the same drugs at 20% the cost, that would be $5000 per year (just over $400 per month) per person instead of $25,000 per year. Bush (and all of the presidents) was in bed with the major pharmaceutical companies, and argued against Kerry in the debate with the excuse that drugs from Canada would be unsafe, no quality assurance. Anecdotally, I am told that China currently supplies many of the drugs that US companies purchase and resell for high prices.

So my question here is - how much of our major deficit is due to paying these high prices in drugs to make certain people very rich at the expense of crashing our economy? Has anybody done research on this topic that I could read? Is human illness being exploited to make a few rich and the common person poor?

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    this question is loaded. do you expect companies not to earn a profits? what would be their motivation to discover new drugs? so we buy drugs from canada at a cheaper rate, drugs developed here, and the companies that invented such drugs lose money? how many new drugs will they come up with and not release due to this scheme that forces the canadian tax payer to subsidize drugs for u.s. consumers and being shipped to the u.s.? how long will canada subsidize our drugs? you haven't thought this through very carefully have you?

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