How can i hang fairy lights in my dorm room ?

Im moving into a dorm in September , and i really want to hang fairy lights around the room, i have a bunch of strands at home , they are Christmas lights. The problem with hanging them is that i cannot use tacks,or hooks or anything that will peel or ruin the fire resistant paper crap they have on the walls, we are aloud to use sticky tack stuff , but will that hold up lights ?

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  • Larry
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    9 years ago
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    Look for 3M Command products. They are hooks with a double stick tape that can be easily removed. Some are strong enough to hold up coat hooks, but they make small ones too, that should work well for a small string of lights. FunTac won't work as it will stretch.

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    Fairy Lights Dorm Room

  • 9 years ago

    Hi, The 3M command cord clips would work great for that. They do not damage walls when removed You can get them at any big box home improvement store or online here Hope this helps.

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