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Best FPS gaming mouse?

Hey, I'm thinking about investing in a nice gaming mouse, because the one I have right now doesn't have a very smooth input, and I just wanted some opinions. I'm looking at the Logitech G500, the Saitek R.A.T. 7, and maybe some other Razer brand mice. I play mostly FPS', and on-again-off-again MMO playing. The R.A.T. 7 looks nice, but it kind of looks overcomplicated, like there's too many buttons (more of an MMO gaming mouse), also im not sure it would be too comfortable. The logitech G500 looks nice and simple, but im not sure if it would be too simple. I've owned a Razer before and I liked it, but the thing just stopped working in a year, and I definitely don't want a mouse that will break soon after I get it. If you guys have any suggestions or any input on the choices I have (especially on the R.A.T. 7), please tell me! Thanks!


I think my main concern for the R.A.T. 7 is if it feels flimsy? I don't want a mouse that's going to break if I drop it from desk height by accident.

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    (I am assuming that you are right handed lol) I would not get the RAT 7 mouse. Personally, I am comfortable with my WoW cata mouse. I have heard some good things about the Razer Naga if you want to look into that. If you have smaller hands, however, I would not go with the WoW mouse (It's really big, but perfect for my hand). If you do have smaller hands, you could go with a Razer or something. Also, it depends on whether you want a wired or wireless mouse.

    Hope this helps =)

    Make the right choice for yourself.

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    I have the RAT 7 and it's pretty great. One problem is it doesnt work on normal desk surfaces very well, you should get a gamind mousepad too. the rat7 looks overly complicated and cool but its not. software could use some improving, tho. Overall I like it (but if youre on a tight budget its not cheap)

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