What happens when you mark your post as spam on FB?

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I clicked a link and the link was auto. posted on my FB profile. I marked that post as spam, then realized I marked myself as spam! lol does anything bad like FB removing my FB ...show more
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When you mark something as spam, then it automatically sends a message to the FB staff, when they have the time they will look into it and see if it's really spam or worth deleting.

You wont lose your FB over this, when they see the post they will probably just mark it as safe and go on about there business, and besides it will usually take more than one person to mark your post as spam for them to even come take a look and investigate it, so your good to go:)

Hope this helps:D


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  • Prasoon D answered 3 years ago
    no just that type of post will not be posted..like if it was from some app or game
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