How To Start And Successfully Run Your Own Blog?

I really want to start my own blog and use it as a job, more or less.

I know how difficult it is and how hard it will be to actually make money from it but I'm up for the challenge.

I've looked around and done my research, I've gotten my information from various sources.

This site definitely has the most and best information, regarding starting a blog.

However, out of everything that I've found out, no site has explained it into simple terms.

(I'm not stupid, I just don't understand the complexities of starting and running a blog)

I just want to know, in simple but not too simple terms, how to start and run a blog so I can make money from it?

P.S. I have different topics on which I can blog about, I've done all my research on these topics and I'm certain that I can do it.

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  • Neil
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    9 years ago
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    You need to register a domain name suitable for the marketing niche you want to be in and have it hosted. Good hosting companies like Hostgator includes Cpanel as part of their package and Cpanel has the Wordpress script within Fantastico Deluxe ready to install on your site.

    Write informative posts about your niche with affiliate links within the posts plus monetize your blog with affiliate banners for products that complement your niche.

    You can also set up your site as a online store using say the WP eCommerce plugin for your script and sell digital products from it. Purchase PLR productson your niche,personalize them and then re-sell them.

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