How do I increase traffic to my Facebook page?

I have created a Facebook page for my business. How can I increase the traffic to it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can create a welcome page for your business page.

    Follow the help guidelines at FB.


    Copy the URL on your business page, make that a link to use in your

    sig-file (signature file) as a P.S. under your name in your emails.

    Use your FB URL link in your newsletter and website if you have those.

    Plus, liking other FB business page owners may reciprocate liking you back.


  • 1 decade ago

    Facebook is basically just another "means" of advertising. In this case, you're going to tap into your local community, get people to "like" your page if they're on facebook, and it's mostly going to be word of mouth (people can see other people's "likes"), which will lead to people being curious and going to your page and "like" it too. But you have to make it interesting to them for them to like your page, like send out weekly offers or discounts to people who have added you to their page. Maybe you can also direct people to your page by saying your on facebook on commercials or print ads.

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