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7 weeks pregnant woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ach diarrhea. It is now mostly hurting in my upp?

Upper abdomen region. It hurts pretty bad. I have no fever but feel a little nausea. Do you think it's just a stomach bug or something worse. Also my stomach keeps gurgling and bubbling. Is there anything I can take. Thanks

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    nausea could be down to morning sickness the diahorrea could be down to being pregnant in general although usually in the first few weeks it tends to go the other way lol as for the stomach cramps are they linked to any bleeding at all? if so it could be worth checking this put espeially if it isquite severe pain or bleeding. like you said though if you dont have any of that then it could be a stomach bug, i would see how you go through the night make sure you are eating little and often maybe something to help the diahorrea like some porridge or a banana and make sure you are taking fluids, if it gets worse or is still the same in the morning or you cant manage to hold any food down, you need to call a doctor. hope this helps for you

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