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Can someone help me put my letter together?

To whom this may concern,

I, Melissa Edwards would like to reopen my apeal for my unemployement case....

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    Before you begin writing the letter read through the information that the state probably provided to you on the process of an unemployment appeal. Since states vary on what information they require, make a list of the things they will require you to include in your letter.


    Add to your list, a summary of the important details regarding your situation and why you think you are entitled to unemployment, and a list of witnesses that can confirm your statements. You will use these details when writing your letter.


    Begin your letter in standard business format with the date. Follow that with the address of the state agency that will be processing your appeal. If you have a specific contact person add that person's name to the address.

    For example:


    Ms. Jane Doe

    WC State Appeals Department

    1234 Main Street

    City, State 00000


    Add the information that will help them identify who you are and your case number. Also anything that might be on the list of requirements from your state.

    For example:

    Re: Name

    Current Address

    Social Security #

    Case # (if applicable)


    Begin the first paragraph of the letter by stating the exact reason for your writing and any specific details the state requires.

    For example: I am writing to appeal the refusal of unemployment benefits. I received a determination of payment on July 1, 2008 and I have attached a copy of that determination for your convenience.


    The body of your letter will consist of several things but it should begin by stating the reason you believe you are entitled to unemployment benefits. When you received notice of denial of benefits you probably were given a reason under a certain statute. Concentrate on that and build a good solid argument as to why that statute does not apply to you.


    If you included witnesses in your statement, list your witnesses below that paragraph, include their contact information, and specify if your witnesses require special needs like an interpreter.


    The final paragraph should have all of your contact information.


    If you are attaching anything to the document, like witness statements, copies of letters or correspondence, then a few lines after your signature write the word ATTACHMENTS so that the reader knows that there is more information.

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