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How much does a chinchilla cost?

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And where can i find one? And where can i find the cheapest cage for one and how much would that cost? How much does the chinchilla itself cost? And how much does it cost in all? ...show more
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  • Joey answered 4 years ago
HI(: I've had a male chinchilla for about 5 weeks now. Now to let you know female chinchillas are more expensive than males (probably a $50 difference) because they are more rare. By getting them from a breeder they would be even less expensive and sometimes a better personality. Do not be cheap with your chinchilla, a good, tall, wide cage would run to a $300 maximum. Mine is about 4 feet tall and really wide. Got it for about $230. Food and treats are a monthly cost and would get up to about $25 dollars a month. Accessories NEED to include a close type bed or little house. I have a large log, that only takes up about 5% of my cage, and my chinchilla sleeps in everyday. Toys, even though don't sound important, can determine if your chinchilla STARVES or not. Let me explain, toys like wood sticks, will file down the chinchillas teeth so they do not overgrow. If there are no toys available, then your chinchillas teeth will grow long and he will refuse to eat. I understand by getting each a boy and a girl, you would want them fixed. So they don't breed. But that can run pretty expensive. It is important though unless you want some chilla babies (;
Oh gosh now this is a big deal. By picking the color you want, that can be an extra..ehh $50- $80 dollars depending on the rarity of the color of its fur. Mine is an average all gray and so adorable. In my opinion, the gray is the cutest. It has streaks of charcoal (dark grey) on its back and a white belly <3 but if you would like to choose a color, there is white, which is only probably a minimum extra, all black, a good amount extra, and there is colors like a dark grey with a violet/blue touch. they're pretty. Dust for dust baths is only about $5 dollars and you can re-use it a couple times so that's not a problem. Medical expenses aren't that necessary. you will need to find an exotic vet only if your chinchilla gets sick. I wouldn't find any other reason to bring them to a vet. Its not like a dog, more like a bunnie. Well that comes at to a total of about: $435 NOT including get them spaded or neutured. You'll have to find out that price from the vet. chinchillas are costly but its all worth it.


I have a chinchilla(: and yes they are exotic but you do not need a license to own one.
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  • Animal Girl 8P answered 4 years ago
    Where Can I Find One? Here's a few websites that you can look on:)

    Where Can I Find The Cheapest Cage, And How Much? This is a VERY nice cage that is fairly cheap ($80.00)

    How Much Does The Chinchilla Cost? I'd say up to $200.00 (Pet store prices), but breeders are cheaper:)

    How much does everything cost? I'd say $300.00:)

    Good luck and I hope I helped=P


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  • Joshua Myers answered 4 years ago
    Some pet stores like Pets mart,Pet co are a local breeder might you can find a local breeder here . http://www.chinchillaclub.com/breeder/ .You can find a cage at craigslist.com are pet stores cell cheap ones.Chinchillas can cost from 100 to 300 all depends on there color. it could cost about 300 to 400 to start with every thing

    Josh staff member of


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  • Organic Ninja answered 4 years ago
    im pretty sure you have to have like a liscense to own one, am i right?
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  • How much does a chinchilla cost?
    And where can i find one? And where can i find the cheapest cage for one and how much would that cost? How much does the chinchilla itself cost?
    And how much does it cost in all? (Like the dust bath, the cage, the food, the chinchilla, and all of the other supplies???)
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