anyone ever read 1984 by George Orwell?

if you have would you agree our society in America is headed if not already there?

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  • Mark T
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    10 years ago
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    There is a huge difference between the society of Oceania and anything that exists in the world - save perhaps the interior of China, where the peasantry still "need" the state, or put more carefully where the state needs the peasantry to not get overly worked up as a couple of hundred million of their fellow citizens whiz by in Tata's , BMW's and Fords, while they starve.

    What w DO have is an increase in petty regulation. Sometimes, when you talk about corporations , after the corporate lawyers are done, you find whatever regulations exist , are still a joke, and ineffective at best. But for those without billion dollar lawyers, it's petty regulation.

    I think about it two ways, I recently got snared in a rat trap meant for "the poor". I had a blinker out, in my car, a police car noticed this and pulled me over, only to find that my license had been suspended because I did not mail back a small card, verifying my address and paying a 15 or 20 dollar service fee.

    But once I was caught , things moved rapidly in a bad direction, I was arrested (for driving without my license and refusing to call for someone to pick me up) [at 11pm] , my car was impounded.

    Being the middle of nowhere, taxis were of course expensive, so , unscrewing my license, still cost a trivial amount of money, but I paid upwards of 300 dollars for the tickets incurred. and upwards of 550 dollars to have my car impounded, (175 dollars per day (for "two" days + an additional 200 dollar service fee for the "first day") , and because, my car was there before 12am, it counts as two days. As I recall however, I was able to have my car unimpounded in less than 14 hours.

    So 14 hours later, I was shaken down for nearly 1000 dollars, after all was said and done, all because of not filing some form properly, if I was a poor person however, how would I have extricated myself or my vehicle.

    The depressing thing was at the impound yard, I noticed a part of the form, for owners to simply sign over their titles to the impound yard - so yeah - stay the heck away from the penalty systems that exist because states simply view them as revenue generating.

    So did I feel like Winston Smith after all this, no - because I can go and be left alone largely by the state as well, but largely the state is no where NEARLY as intrusive as the Ing-soc government, unless you fall into the traps set for you, but when things get a little surreal, I am reminded of this scene from Brazil -

    Youtube thumbnail

    Only when I watch Fox News or something do I really get the sense that we're living in an altered reality -

    Youtube thumbnail

    There is also major malfeasance, where various administrations spend considerable engergies finding creative means around our constitutional protections. So extrajudicial assassination, kidnapping, torture, are no longer things that occur "elsewhere" , they happen right here. Whether it's Kevin Mitnick (a citizen "held" for 6 years before being brought to trial), or Bradley Manning (being deprived of his military judicial rights), or whatever, or even the circumstances of Jose Padilla, and our prisoners of war in extrajudicial limbo at Guantanamo and elsewhere, all of these individuals are forming the "test" basis for current / future administrators to rapidly strip a citizen or others of their rights and protections, so yes, for people in these situations, the United States prison system definitely does in fact resemble every bit of the Ministry of Love.

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    I think most people in this forum have read 1984. And no, to say that the US is like Oceanea is "already there" is absurd. But the treatment of Bradley Manning at a military prison on our own soil does remind one of the treatment of Winston at the Minipax. The Patriot Act and the surveillance is the beginning of a police state. We might be well on our way.

  • 10 years ago

    no because we are not a communistic society, and the whole point of 1984 is that it was written when communism threatened to take over the world and this was Orwell's vision of what would happen if it did.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think both "1984" ... -Orwell- ... and ... "Brave New World" ... -Huxley- ... exhibited an astute perception forecasting the state of the world today.

    The element they most missed: Gov has gotten so sophisticated at masking the corruption most folks don't have any idea how pervasive it is.

    Any one that TDs me is a victim of govs deception ... ;)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yes i read it in 1984

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A better one is Animal Farm. It should be required reading in all schools.

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