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Hair problem! brunette help needed!?

My friend dyed her hair yesterday a light ash brown, but the results were more of a dark ash brown (since her natural hair color is dark brown/black). If she re-dye's her hair light ash brown, can she achieve the deisired color(light ash brown)?? it keeps soming out dark due to her natural hair, how can she get to this color?

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    Your friend needs to use dye espcially made for dark hair to go lighter such as loreal hi lifts is down town brown i belives the number is b61 light ash brown and its designed to lighten naturlly dark hair, but if her hair is dyed dark she is gonna have to strip it first wit a color remover such as loreal color oops and then dye it how she wants it hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    If her hair is naturally dark, and she wants light colored hair, then pick a product that is lighter than her desired color! If she picks the exact color she wants, it'll turn out darker than she wanted. So pick something with a light color.

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    1 decade ago

    Bleaach that shitt blondee than dye itt whatevv colaa youwantt. make suree you read the backk of thee box to see when ur color would look like from blondee :)

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