anyone fluent in german?

so i want to say this in german, but i want it to sound natural because my german sucks and it sounds way too formal, but i want this to sound very lay back. so how would i say this in german? also i don't know if there would be a slang word equivalent for "bro" so if there isn't then just ignore that part. make it sound like a 17 year old dude is saying this though! thanks yahoo peeps!

scottie i hope your trip to hawwaii is going well! i know you will have tons of fun there, especially because you are going to be away from mel hahaha any way have an awesome rest of your trip! and don't forget to party for me bro!

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    1 decade ago
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    You should have better poszed this in languages section in the travel Germany section are too many trolls who claim to be German or to speak German.

    Your translation:

    Hallo Scottie, ich hoffe Dein Hawaii Urlaub läuft bisher gut, ich weiss, dass Du viel Spass hast weil Du mal von Mel weg bist haha auf jeden Fall hab einen tollen Rest-Urlaub und vergiss nicht für mich ein bisschen mit zu feiern.

    There is no German equivalent for bro if you want to put dude instead that would be 'Alter' you can simply add that at the end of my last sentence.

    Source(s): living in Germany
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