What do the students at UNC Chapel Hill do for fun?

(besides drinking please lol)

Is there anywhere to hike? Ice skate? Horseback ride?

I'm pretty much asking about outdoorsy things... Also, how is the weather? I hear spring and fall are nice 60s-70s, how is winter?

Also, is the campus near a beach?

(sorry I'm from up north and know little about North Carolina!)

thanks so much!!!!!

I think I really want to go to school there for biology...

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, Chapel Hill is the perfect college town. It's in the middle of the state, so the Appalachian Mountains are 3 or so hours away, the beach 4 ish. However, there is a lot to do on campus. If you like sports, UNC is famous for basketball. There's always tons of stuff to do on Franklin St, which is a huge part of Chapel Hill. There's movies, restaurants, bookstores, comic book shops, boutiques, UNC stores, museums, and Krispy Kreme. Chapel Hill is also right next to Carrboro, which is a little liberal town known for its music festivals (and Cats Cradle, the indie concert hall), Weaver Street, and hippies. There's an ice skating rink in a nearby town but it would require a car, and since UNC is in a suburban setting, there aren't any horses nearby. North Carolina is cold in the winter (low 30-40s) and burning in the summer (mid 90s), however, the fall and spring are perfect. On a nice day students will be laying out on the grass in the quad, or biking around town. It's great, and the town is involved with the college as well. If you don't have a car, the bus system is free so you can get around town if you need to. We also have a legendary Halloween party every year on Franklin St. that people from other states come to participate in. UNC's a big school, and even if you don't have a ton of friends you will definitely have fun.

  • 10 years ago

    its probably like 4 hours from the beach, i think its close to the mountains, winters in north carolina are usually mild 40-50's the past few years it's been a lil colder (lol), alot of snow recently but i'm not sure if it;ll happen next winter.

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