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I want to buy a bike for exercise - mainly riding around town (not mountain biking) and the...?

...occasional trail.

The problem is I can't afford much more than $100 - any ideas?

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    9 years ago
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    Get the local paper and circle the sales - look for bikes of course - and cruise them early and see if any bikes are out. You can often find a nice bike for 50-75 bucks in perfect shape. Also, check your local craigslist

    www. craigslist .org (then pick your city/state)

    But, new,...........................

    http://www. thebicycleoutlet .com/ index .php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=514&category_id=90&option=com_phpshop&Itemid=32

    Schwinn SS Cruiser

    $ 169 .99

    Based on the '55 classic design, the SS is as nostalgic as it is comfortable. Coaster brake, Whitewall balloon tires, rear rack and much more. You'll be riding in style for years to come.

    * Specifications:

    Color(s) Pearl White to Ultra Black

    Size(s) M 18"

    Frame Schwinn 1955 Classic Cantilever Design, Schwinn Quality Kickstand, Fender & Rack Mounts

    Fork Steel Unicrown w/ Rack Mounts

    Crankset Schwinn Forged One Piece, 46T Sprocket

    Bottom Bracket One piece 24 tpi

    Pedals Rubber Block

    Rear Derailleur N/A

    Shifters N/A

    Freewheel Shimano 22T

    Chain KMC Z-410, ANTI-DROP, BLACK

    Rims Alloy 26" x 2 .125 x 36H

    Tires Schwinn Typhoon Cord 26" x 2 .125 Whitewall

    Front Hub Alloy 36H

    Rear Hub Shimano Coaster Brake, 36H

    Spokes 14G Stainless Steel

    Front Brake N/A

    Rear Brake Shimano Coaster Brake

    Brake Levers N / A

    Handlebar Classic Cruiser Steel

    Stem Phantom Alloy

    Grips Schwinn Phantom

    Headset Steel

    Saddle Schwinn Classic Padded Dual Spring Saddle

    Seat Post Steel 25 .4mm x 350mm(Mens), 250mm (Ladies)


    http:// justbicycles .com/ bike_details .php?item=Beach-Cruiser-Urban-Male-Blue

    N SALE!

    Beach Cruiser Urban Male DARK BLUE



    + $40 S&H

    http:// justbicycles .com/ bike_details .php?item=Beach-Cruiser-Urban-Ladies-PinkwnoFenders2

    ON SALE!

    Beach Cruiser Urban Ladies Pink w no Fenders***BLOWOUT SALE PINK $ 69 .95*****

    $ 69 .95


    + $ 69 .95 S&H

    Yeah - they get you on the shipping - plus, try Wal-Mart - they have inexpensive bikes that are not bad.

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  • 9 years ago

    You won't get much for a $100.00 new...if you do, I'd be prepared for future problems - finding parts!

    I would suggest you shop the Thrift Stores, GoodWill, Salvation Army and last but not least, your local newspaper for Trading Mags.

    Check out the names of the bikes being sold at K-Mart, W/M, etc, so you don't go buying one of these because someone has cleaned it up to look good. A popular brand, such as Giant or Beach Cruiser are great bikes to ride....and hold up real well. You don't want to peddle about 5 miles on a cheapie and then have to push it 5 back....not the exercise your looking for!! Good luck in your search.

    Source(s): Frerquent bike rider who bought cheap once....very expensive lesson.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I've been through this.

    Get a mountain bike with 21 or more 'thumb' gears. Why a mountain bike?...wider tires, much less chance of wrecking because you hit a road imperfection. I recommend Wal-Mart or K-Mart because of your price limitations. I might add, get a couple of mirrows and put on both sides of the handlebars--trust me.

    And since they don't make bicycle seats to be easy on the be-hind, consider a silicon pad--they're made for bics. And last, I had excuses for getting on my bic for years, I'd ride a mile and a half in good weather just to get a soda at a small store in town then turn around and come back...one of the things I needed was a wire basket--you might consider one.

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    5 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    Sprawl-Marts of the world have bikes for around / under $100. I bought one for me one for my wife... Mine tore up... And they do not offer to help you "Fit" yourself to the ride.... Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, national chains for the athletically impaired like me, or places like this, whatever you have in your area, offer bikes of more modest pricing, from $100 to $500.

    REI and such national chains will laugh at $100. That will get you a good riding outfit, pants jersey and one shoe.

    OK all is not lost if you want to shop.

    Look in places like Play It Again. a store that will buy and sell used sporting equipment. I don't like shopping at Flea Markets as they often don't know what they have and overprice it because it looks like new or they price it high thinking you don't know the difference, which you do cause you have been shopping at Sprawl - Mart.

    Garage sales may find a good deal, if no or little rust, because they bought the Da$n thing for their child that stayed indoors and played video games all day...

    That brings me to the "FIT" thing... You want to be able to sit on the seat, even if fully up,,, and nearly fully extend your legs in the full down pedal of the cycle... This keeps the knees from jutting out during the down stroke. Which is not the way Lance does it if you watch him... and looks ridiculous to real riders... You want to be able to lean into the handle bars... I would reccomend getting a general purpose / mountain bike as you are beginning,,, an 18 speed will do... If buying used,,, pick it up and turn the crank and change gears...This should be a smooth operation and should click in place... Do not be tempted by price, color, and cheap deal if it don't fit, you will not like riding...

    Let Amazon know if this was a great or lame answer and vote. IF you have more questions you can ask me directly when you vote.

    Spartan Caver

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    5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ...any of the big box stores like Academy, WalMart and Toys R Us. They won't be top of the line bikes but for light riding (no jumping ramps! no time trials!) they work just fine. I have one I bought new at the base exchange for $99 that I ride for exercise and short errands. I've had it for 7 years and keep it in the garage in between rides. I slimed the tires so I haven't had a lot of problems with flats and do a general tune up every year or so. I do check weekly to make sure all bolts are still tight.

    The alternative is a used bike. This site has some excellent pointers for buying a used bike: http://www.kenkifer.com/bikepages/commute/commbike...

    They suggest: "Finding a used bike for sale is a little harder than finding a new one, but there are a number of likely sources. First, many bike shops sell older bikes, and they are an excellent source, as they usually overhaul the bike and correct any problems before selling it. Second, in many towns there are retired men who collect, repair, and sell older bikes at a low cost. One form of advertising used by them is to simply park some of the bikes in the front yard. Third, I often see bikes for sale at flea markets and trade days or from roadside venders. Try yard/garage sales too. Fourth, in many towns the police collect abandoned bikes and, if no one ever claims them, sell them at a yearly auction. Fifth, in college towns, the students are often anxious to sell their bikes at the end of the year, often selling a practically new $500 bike for $50. Sixth, Goodwill, pawn shops, and others sell older bikes. Finally, if you enjoy tinkering, practically new bicycles are discarded every day because they need a little repair; a friend was able to supply his family's bicycles from the town dump."

    Actually in some college towns there are a lot of bikes at the Goodwill. You can buy one for $10 to $20, spend $70 or so fixing it up and be good to go. That is how we got my daughter's current bike at a Goodwill north of Austin, Texas.

    http://www.bikeofdoom.com/category/dept-store-bike... refers to these inexpensive bikes as Department Store Bikes or Bikes of Doom. He seems to feel that cheap bikes need a lot more repair than more expensive ones, but I suspect a lot of it is how you ride and treat your bike. My son's cheapos have lasted longer than his fancy Treks and other mountain bikes.

    I do recommend getting the simplest machine you can tolerate as I have found that the majority of problems I have had with cheap bikes is with gears and derailleurs.

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  • John M
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Look for a used hybrid on the local ebay or Craig's list. Stay away from Walmart and other department store bikes.

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  • 9 years ago

    I bought a late seventies man's schwinn bike and a late seventies women's Raleigh, both great shape, both 3 speed, both at garage sales one for $40, the other $25.

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