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What type of smaller frogs make good first frog pets?

I finally convinced my mom to let me get a frog. I wanted a red eye tree frog but I hear they don't make good first-time-frog pets. So i was wondering what types do. I was also leaning towards smaller frogs.HELP please :)

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    fire bellied toads, whites (slightly larger) also there are things like slamanders and newts which can be just as cool.. what about getting a rainbow crab or land crab.. sorry im diverting away from amphibians now lol

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    whites tree frog but that tank is huge get white lipped tree frogs like 4 of them they are double the size of whites i own 3 tree frogs 1 adult whites and 2 baby white lips it's up to you but why don't you get a beardie they will fit perfectly in thee and are easier to care for than frogs because frogs need to be misted 3 times a day! and more!

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    9 years ago

    african dwarf frogs because they are cheap really small take up hardly any space and are very hardy frogs they live for about 4 years i was told and i have had mine for 5 so ull have to look into that but over all they are great first time frogs

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