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Seriously people what the hell only 3 months in the beginning of 2011 and so many bad things happening?

I don't like to sound like one of those crazy people who believe in 2012 but Libia war Egypt revolution which also looked like war evil people like that Libia bastard who killed so many people Earth quake in i think it was new zealand right ?? now strongest earth quake in history of japan wiping out 300km of it and a giant tsunami wave and many many more weird and bad things happening seance the beginning of 2011 like my spell checker just fu**ing up righ now i think we are just having a bad year beginning i bet we have had much much worse but its weird that this is happening in weird 2012 and this happening just from the start of 2011 its wierd so what do you think just a bad year start or really something much bigger is beginning to rise (but thats what she said) ^^


Yeah people great point things ware bad in the years of the dinasource or in year 700 BUT we are not in 700 year we have improved sooo much we have such technolagy and with all of it we are supposed to have a happy life but hey its just the beginning and i don't think so many things have happend over the last 10 years so fast

Update 2:

Rohanasta sorry if i spelled it wrong i said MANY MANY more things are happening i don't watch the news often...well i don't watch them at all but lots of things are happening also the thousands of dead fish found on the beach or something like that and the weirdest part the birds ware not eating them

Update 3:

Oh cmon i'm crazy... seriosly people grow up

Update 4:

x.x i see lots of A hole answers i just want a nice possitive opinion on this and i get angry people calling me crazy

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    Have you ever considered the possibility that you may just be noticing it more BECAUSE of the 2012 crap?

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    These are certainly "the last days", the earth is like a woman about to give birth, but God doesn't go by the Mayan calendar!

    He has his own calendar involving feast days, first laid out in Leviticus 23.

    Jesus' birth, crucifixion ascension and Pentecost (the giving of the new Life) corresponded to those days... why not his return?

    God points to sun darkened and moon turne dto blood as the last sign... eclipses would do this, just as it is believed there were eclipses at other significant times and from Genesis 1 God gave the heavenly bodies as signs.

    In 2014-15 there will be 6 eclipses on special days... when Jesus returns his brightess will eclipse the sun.

    Of couse none of us knows when our PERSONAL "last days" are so the only sensible thing is to get your eternal life now!

    You need to be "born again" by receiving God's Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, just like we all have ...


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    You are so right and you are not crazy at all.

    Those who read the Road Map and the Instruction Manuel (the Bible) find this to be of no surprise and we have been waiting for these things to happen, and there is more too come. These things have not been kept hidden from us and we have not been kept in the dark, for that is not how the Lord works. Satan is the one who has blinded the eyes of the people and deceived them as he did Eve and have got them believing a lie. But as such as it is written, it will surely come to pass.

    These things are just the beginning of the things that are to come. Jesus even told us that when these things come upon the earth that men's\women's heart's would fail them from fear of these things for they know they are not ready and prepared, and fear grips them. He told us who believe in Him that when we see these things beginning to come upon the face or the earth to lift up our heads for our redemption draweth nigh, or draws near.

    But, the Lord is with those who believe in, and trust in Him and He has made a way for us to escape, by our faith, trust, and belief in Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. He will give to us a peace that the world cannot give to us, and a peace where there seems to be no peace, and our hearts will not fail us with fear when these things come upon the earth.

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    more people and news today

    read history , the end of the world has been predicted again and again. at least Twice in the late 1800. when it did not happen the disappointed church member formed one of the recent Christian - cults

    I forget which, and are still around.

    the 2012 is abased on the Mayan calender just because it it was the end o f one of their grand cycles. No more meaningful than 2,000 AD or "the age of Aquarius"

    times always change

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    hello? Bad things happening in 2011 is evidence that the 2012 predictions are wrong. Hello? Bad things are not supposed to happen until 2012. Now take your bag of rocks and go to the end of the line.

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    Well first off, the revolutions that are gripping much of the developing world are GOOD things. But natural disasters are pretty bad. Keep in mind that years are man made and have no relevance to when things happen.

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    There's bad stuff happening all over the world

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the calender the Mayans used that ended in 2012 is five years off from the calender we use today. 2012 happened in 2007.

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    all the planets have already coated up decrease back in the 70s or early 80s. no longer something got here approximately then and not something will take place now. it quite is in basic terms some loopy religious nutjob attempting to regulate human beings.

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    Its the same as last year, like the 10 shootings in the first 3 months, the oil spill... The media just glorifies it. I realized this after I realized my middle school zealot principal made me a paranoid b1+ch

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    And this is only the beginning, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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    i know its llike, crazy!! i betta start getting ready for some serious sh*t over here in the UK now hadnt i. I think our generation might be cursed. LOL and now all these scientists are predicing that in 2013 we r gonna hav loads of solar flares and stuff. Man the worlds gone mad.

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