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Is this a decent keyboard for a piano beginner?

I'm currently thinking of buying the YPT 220 yamaha keyboard. I've seen a number of reviews for it but none are really answering my biggest question. Does this piano have keys that one would find on an authentic piano or keys that could imitate the same feeling? I would to train on a keyboard as similar as possible to your standard piano and was wondering if this piano fit the bill. Also, I've been wondering if this keyboard can hook up or upload music played by the user onto a laptop. I'm sure there are many keyboards that do, but does this one? Being a newbie to the keyboard industry I was also wondering if you could explain the features incorporated with the keyboard such as MIDI. Last but not least, if you do think this is a decent starting keyboard say so, if not could you suggest a better one? Price range is roughly $100-$150. Thanks in advance, here's the keyboard:

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    You need to buy MIDI jack. It is about $40-$50.

    Plug in your keyboard and computer. Then you can use your computer to record it.

    But you need to get software installed, too.

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    I would have to say, depends on the music you are playing. If you are playing classical music, refer to a actual piano. It would change the difference. If you playing for fun, I would recommend this piano. If you are playing for classical, I recommend a baby grand or a upright. The upright I have right now from "Pearl River" Not so expensive but plays really well.

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