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Does this change your mind about the Chris benoit conflitct and kevin sullivan?

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1:58 in this video shows a video of kevin tieng a rope/belt around chris B's neck in a match and hanging him from the top rope this says something to me how about you

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    I seriously don't want it to be Chris, either, that killed his family.

    But wrestlers "hanging" each other used to be a common occurrence, going back at least to the late 60's when I first started watching wrestling. While it didn't happen every week, it was fairly common to see a big heel "hang" a popular face to heat up their rivalry. We even saw Daniel Bryan put a tie around an announcer's throat and pretend to garrotte him last year.

    Because "hanging" was pretty common in wrestling in the past, and it was part of Sullivan's gimmick (in WCW and other promotions, and with other opponents), the incident on that clip would not be admissible in any court of law.

    I've read enough accounts and reports from various people (doctors, investigators, journalists, friends and co-workers, etc) to be convinced Chris did kill his family and himself. Chris was a very sick man, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically, for many reasons, including drug abuse, the millions of head-shots he'd taken over the course of his long career, and Depression caused by the deaths of most of his close friends in a very short time period, especially his best friend Eddie Guerrero.

    It saddens me to no end that Chris didn't get the help he needed before it was too late, and three people died who shouldn't have.

    I don't believe Sullivan is the culprit. He and Chris had professional conflicts and personal dislike toward each other, but I don't believe Sullivan killed Benoit and his family.

    Until SOMEBODY confesses to killing the Benoits, I am convinced Chris did it himself.

  • I don't believe Chris Benoit murdered himself and his family either.I believe Kevin Sullivan did it.

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    It wasnt Sullivan dude, just move on, i know its sad but whether or not Chris is in heaven or hell, he still killed his family and i dont think that is ever right, but yeah I think Sullivan is messed up, he's a satanist

    Source(s): I am a Christian
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    No.I never thought it was Sullivan.Still don't either.

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