Could i get ISS (in school suspension)?

i kicked a guy in the balls

our school is moderately strict

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  • 10 years ago
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    You could get ISS for that. Once you're out in the real world, you'll be looking at time in jail.

  • salaam
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    4 years ago

    Ahhh the well ancient days. Not to fear it is in most cases on an afternoon with categories you take a seat in a room and more often than not are not able to do some thing, this normally may not exhibit in your list it is Minor if it was once out university suspension then for you to exhibit. Don't fear although

  • 10 years ago

    If a Girl kicks your balls as hard as she can physically do it, one of your balls will certainly relocate to the pelvic recess.

    You will fall straight to the floor and you will probably go into neurogenic shock, which means your diaphragm will be paralysed. That is why guys that get kicked really hard there, cannot breath properly, and gag for breath. This is why Guys often pass out (due to lack of oxygen to the brain). Unfortunately leaving them COMPLETELY vulnerable to the Girl.....I say the Girl, becouse it is nearly ALWAYS Girls who KICK as hard as they can, and tend to wear the boots capable of pushing the balls into the pelvic recess.The pain wil linger for hours, you will be sick for a few days! Not just minutes like some say!! Guys that say that have not been kicked hard!!

    Why they do this I can only imagine.

    You will definately throw up, and your scrotum and balls may tear. This is the worst thing a Girl can do to you. From what I have seen, Girls always kick Guys in the balls FAR too hard. Sometimes JUST to be a B****! and make us cry like a baby, and you will, for hours!


    I once got kicked REALLY REALLY HARD in the balls by a girl wearing ankle boots. I threw up straight away, passed out, and when I came around after about five minutes of being unconscious, I was screaming like the sound of a baby ONLY TWICE AS LOUD. Just becouse I felt her bum. She ran-up and kicked me full frontal.

    WHAT A B****!

    Source(s): How hard did you do it?
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