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Scrap booking for the first time.?

Tomorrow is my sons first birthday party. I have taken an interest in scrapbooking and would love to start with our sons first birthday. I bought a scrap book with 40 pages and a refillable binding. I also bought some stickers one pack is footballs baseballs basketballs and soccor balls since his party is a sports theme and I bought some happy birthday stickers with candles a cake a happy birthday sign and some stars. (the sports one came with some stars as well.

Now I just need some advice on a layout or something?

Im not sure I want to use a background layout like the ones that you can buy. Thats like cheating in my eyes. You cant do it yourself if its already done for you.

p.s I already know we want to use one of the classic baby with cake all over his face shots as the focal point.

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    I often look for a colour I like in the photos themselves and start with cardstock that enhances that colour. I use that as a basic background for my page. If I want a pattern on the cardstock I sometimes do some stamping, painting, glittering, etc.

    I like to cut shapes from coordinating or contrasting cardstock and make my own embellishments. You can do a lot with circles, squares, hearts, and ovals. They are the basic shapes for making many things like balloons, balls, flowers, and even people!

    Here's a teddy bear, for example, made mainly from circles and ovals:

    And here's a broom I made using a rounded rectangular shape that I cut in strips on one end. I cut a handle 'freehand':

    You can make your own borders with strips of cardstock and designer paper and punched shapes or stickers.

    Don't forget to write about the pictures - say when, where, who, why etc the photo was taken.

    You can get inspiration about how to place things on a page from other people's layouts or from page sketches. Here is some information about how to make your own sketches:

    Have a look at magazines and see if you like pages in them. You can use the placement of photos, embellishments and journaling that they use and because you are using your own photos, colours and embellishments, it will look totally different!

    If you find a combination of placements that you like, you can use mirror images of this same placement, or rotate the sketch a quarter turn or a half turn etc.

    You can also do classes in scrapbooking. See if your local craft and hobby store runs classes if this idea appeals to you.

    People int eh scrapbooking world do look to each other for ideas. Don't be concerned abotu using an idea from here and another one from there - just create something that YOU are pleased with. It will be unique when you are done, I am sure!

    Happy birthday to your little boy, too :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Take a look in the gallery at They have a ton of ideas for you to peruse through.

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