Don't you think Undertaker should help push young talent throughout the rest of his career (more inside)?

Don't you think Undertaker should help push young talent throughout the rest of his career, for example, JoMo, Bryan, Miz, McIntyre, Swagger, Ziggler, Del Rio, etc. He should feud with each one of these up until he retires now because he has already feuded and had matches with all the top guys now. I think he should feud with each of these Superstars because it will give them a great career ahead of them and they will finally be main eventing permanant while going for the World Title.

I mean, practically anybody who feuds with Undertaker will most likely have a great career ahead of them because it's The Undertaker. He can make almost anybody look good in a feud or in a match (only the talented ones though, not people like Mark Henry, Great Khali, etc).

What do you think? Should he do this or should he continue to feud with the big guys even though he has done it all before?

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    He has done enough pushing people. Too many, perhaps, And ironically, Randy Orton is the only man who use a push from him properly, as u can see in this list below:

    1. Giant Gonzales = The match became his worst match ever. Gonzales quit the company before the year even ended. And Gonzales was picked over Hogan to face him at Wrestlemania 9 too.

    2. King Kong Bundy = He was picked over Bret Hart to push him back to main event scene. Look what happened?

    3. Kane = A meteoric rise in 1998 to a main event status....before Kane himself decided to dwell in the mid-card scene from 1999 to 2001 and finally becoming full fledged jobber from 2002 to 2009. Winning the world title again in....2010, that's 12 years of jobbing. Unwise.

    4. Big Boss Man = Picked over Mankind to face Taker at Mania 15 in order to push him to main event status. Until now the match remains to be the worst Hell In A Cell match ever and the only Taker WM match to receive 'boring!' chants from the fans. Even Taker himself was reportedly upset over the quality of the match. Until his death, Boss Man never touched more than the lower mid-card scene.

    5. Maven = .....sorry, I don't have the heart to say it.

    6. Lesnar = Where is he 2 years after Taker pushed him?

    7. A-Train = Where is he a year after The Streak push at Wrestlemania 19?

    8. FBI = A huge mid-card feud against Taker at 2003....where were they one year after the push?

    9. Heindenrich = Where is he six months after the grand push Taker gave him?

    10. Kennedy = See number 6.

    11. Mark Henry = Picked over Benoit & Angle to face Taker at WM 22 in order to push him to the main event status. The match turned out to be the worst Casket match of all time. To make it worse, Henry admitted he could care less of the push cause he did it only for money. Till today, still dwelling in lower-mid card scene on RAW.

    12. The Great Khali = I even need to say anything about this?

    13. Kozlov = ........

    To those who wonder why MANKIND didn't make it to the list...errr....he was already a huge name in ECW before he came to WWE. I'm sure the feud with Taker cemented his place on the main event scene, but it's not like he was a rookie when he faced Taker. It's kinda like what The Rock did to Goldberg (cementing other's promotion main eventer in WWE's main event scene). The feud was huge, but Mick was by no means a lower mid-carder when he faced Taker.

    Back to the biz, look at Orton, after having what may very well be the finest Wrestlemania performance in his career to date thanks to the help of Undertaker and rocketing the credibility of The Streak to the moon & nails it there, he uses his push to the full extent, winning more than 5 world titles, winning Royal Rumble, main eventing Wrestlemania, and becoming the biggest or the second biggest name in WWE all in the span of 5 years as well as winning a Feud of The Year award once. Now THAT's a good use!!

    If u push 1000 men all your life but only one of them made a good use of it, even Undertaker can only take it so much.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree that Undertaker should do that since he's a well-known legend in the business. I also think Triple H should do the same thing (such as the fued he had with Sheamus). If both of them do that then it would be great for the up and coming superstars.

    And @ Maverick : If Undertaker fueds with The Corre , then he should team up with Kane (as a tweener) and bring back the legendary Brothers of Destruction. So while Triple H (or The Rock , if he ever wrestles again) fueds with different young superstars on Raw. The Undertaker can have fueds with the superstars on SmackDown. WWE should do this if they wanna push the new guys / mid-carders.

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    9 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing, because if Undertaker does wrestle his final match at Wrestlemania (although it's unlikely) then he can no longer get the younger guys more over.. But after he has his feud with HHH, I think he should go feud with another young talent like Del Rio, Morrison, Bourne or even Ziggler because all these young guys need to get over or else they won't get alot of recognition if there not decently used.

    So if Taker decides to stay he should just feud with the younger guys, plain and simple. Because trust me, when Taker feuds with them there going to thank him later on in life for helping them get to where they are in the future.

  • tammi
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    3 years ago

    John morrison to retire the Undertaker? lol it particularly is in user-friendly terms a slap in face of shawn michaels and the different sixteen sufferers of the undertaker. John morrison isn't good adequate to end a mythical streak like Undertaker's. in actuality,no physique is nice adequate to end it different than for Kane. i do no longer desire the streak to end and it won't,yet while i had to p.c.. the main deserving that's going to be Kane. and that i'm afraid that Matt hardy and Christian are no longer youthful skills anymore,they deserve it yet they gained't get it simply by fact WWE in user-friendly terms specializing in youthful skills like the Miz,sheamus and orton. And excuse me..yet what interior the international made you think of adult adult males like evan bourne,zac ryder and yoshi tatsu could desire to have the Privilege of troublesome the Undertaker interior the final days of his occupation?

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  • 9 years ago

    Let's wait until after WrestleMania. He still has to deal with Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for attacking him during the Buried Alive match with Kane. He may begin a feud with The Corre.

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