Building my own computer?

Can you please look at this list and tell me what you think? I'm worried about the SLI GPU not fitting right on the MB, and if there is any known issues between two parts that i missed a heads up would be nice.


Ive updated some stuff on the list. I've never seen these SLI cards like this before, Does the wide part of the card just sit on top of the PCI slot next to it?

Update 2:

(Also I dont plan on like linking, any cards with SLI or whatever. I tried to do some reaserch on what SLI was and i thought with a card like this, it was built, linked together, in a single unit. Maybe i'm wrong so if I don't know what im talking about, just tell me lol)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nice List!

    The only three things that I can give advise on is that:

    1) Intel has made a recall on their motherboards because the Sata controller has some issue with it.

    More Info here:

    2) You shouldn't need to buy a sata cable, they should come with the hard drives and the Blue-Ray drive.

    3) Unless you just love Intel, you can get a much faster processor for the same price. AMD has a six-core processor that is 2.8GHz for less money, the motherboard is also much cheaper for the same stuff. But that's not a negative thing, I was just tryin to save you some coin.

    The 900 case is extremely popular. I know that it will be able to fit everything just fine. You might have to move the hard drive out of the way of the graphics card but it should all fit fine.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It will fit just fine, they space it to exact measurements so that isn't an issue you can go SLI.

    And Its not what parts I would choose but it looks fine, except honestly change the case that case sucks

    The guy below is wrong. They made a recall on the new LGA 1155 boards, the new sandy bridge processors. The southbridge i believe the p55 had issues and there was a massive recall it has nothing to do with your cpu or the line of motherboards that support that cpu.

  • peter
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    1 decade ago

    Get the i5 sandy brigde and not the lynnfield:

    You can see the difference in performance here:

    Of course you do need to make sure the motherboard supports the cpu you choose, and the newer the cpu the more carefull you need to be. It's safest to be relatively sure the onboard bios explicitely supports your model of cpu or get a combo-deal with a motherboard and cpu, or get a newly released motherboard like this one:

    (sold out at the moment but you could get it elsewhere, it's just an example)

    Here is the msi cpu-support info:

    Because the motherboard is advertised as a new release, and because all bios-files (the zip-files) in the cpu-support listing are the same i would be quite confident it would support any cpu mentioned in the cpu-list out of the box, without bios-update, but even now i can't be 100 percent sure but lets say i would feel sure enough with given info.

    I wouldn't go for SLI, just get a better card if you want better performance, and when you don't use SLI you also can use a cheaper motherboard and a cheaper/smaller casing. when i would built a computer now i'd seriously consider one of those new closed-circuit cpu- watercoolers like this one: because the best fancoolers are very big so a watercooler also may keep your casing-needs more limited, and watercoolers just cool a lot better.

    My own gaming computer is in an "antec sonata elite". Quite an expensive casing but still cheaper as yours:

    Above casing wil accomodate a large cpu-heatsink like the scythe mugen and wil also accomodate larger videocards, but SLI wil be hard in this midi-casing. The casing doesn't look "agressive" yet still has a good airlfow and a nice easily removable airintake. It also has a radial fan for cooling the videocard and some soundisolation. A good casing for a powerfull non-sli and not to "intimidating" computer.

    And pay some attention to the software side. Your OS-choice was also my choice when i built my gaming-computer, but it's not just about the OS:;

    Some more interlinked answers of me on systemmanagement and security:;_ylt=Ager8...

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