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My first bike: Cyclocross vs Road?

So I am buying my first good bike, I have only owned crappy walmart bikes for commutes in college before. I am looking to do a century ride this summer but also want to have it to go around trails and ride around my city. I can't decide between a cyclocross or a road bike. Road feels like it would be better but I am worried about rocky trails that I might encounter or the really bad road conditions around my house.


what about the SCOTT CX COMP?

should i be worried about only 18 gears if i intend to do hilly roads and the century?

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    If you're going off-road at all - Cyclocross bike. Buy an extra set of tires for purely street riding.

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    If you are looking to do a century ride, you are not very likely to encounter rocky trails, you would be training on the road. Not all road bikes are the same, some are able to accept wider tires than others. Cyclocross bikes are somewhat limited by having lower overall gearing than a road bike, and the tires they are equipped with are not suitable for long distance road rides, you would have to change them. A road bike with 700 x 28 tires would be able to handle most unpaved roads and would have the proper gearing for long distance road rides

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    You should go with Tommaso Diavolo Cyclecross Bike

    Randall Scott Company - America's Premier Outdoor Retailer

    Tommaso Monocoque 12K Carbon Cross Specific Frame/Fork

    Kore Kross Cantilever Brakes

    Kore Gradient Wheels

    SRAM 46/38 Corss Specific Crankset

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    18 gears will do you. But, if you ae going to ride anything but asphalt, concrete, pavers, or packed trail.... do not get a drop bar road bike. The cross bike or hybrid would be a better choice, Bit if your intent is to ride distance on those surfaces a road bike will really out perform the cross or hybrid. If this is a dream to ride trails, and not reality ... get the road bike.


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    I would go with a cyclocross bike, you will have more clearance for larger tires that will handle dirt and gravel bike paths. With a road bike the caliper brakes and frame clearance will limit the size of the tires and the geometry of the frame is not good for off road conditions. You can always change to smooth smaller road tires for century rides.

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    well basically a cx bike will be quite abysmal for a century. for all around commuting, it would be the better choice due to its durability and traction. It really depends what kind of trails you're going on.....because if they're not paved, you need the cyclocross.

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