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Do you think Davey Richards would be exceptionally good in the MMA scene?

On this past week's RoH on HDNet, he does an interview with Jim Cornette and one of his trainers Tony Kozina where Cornette speaks about his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his various wrestling techniques that he has incorporated from being around the world

Do you think he would be good in a MMA scene?

Also, as Richards has proven to be a very good grappler and a fantastic wrestler, who, on the MMA scene would Richards have a classic fight against?

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    Davey Richards is a great wrestler and a future Ring of Honor World Heavyweight

    Champion. Davey Richards was a great standout wrestler in High School in Othello,

    Washington. He learned both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai fighting techniques

    right now Davey Richards is in the prime of his pro wrestling career he just re-signed

    with Ring of Honor if he continues his wrestling career who knows someday Davey

    will be the next Bret Hart, Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit. Many have already called him

    the second coming of the "Dynamite Kid" and he might be just very well that in Pro

    Wrestling. I was a kind of disappointed that Davey Richards didn't defeat Roderick

    Strong at Ring of Honor's Final Battle pay per view in December 2010. However, the

    match itself was a great match and top match candidate for match of the year Davey

    did pass out after the match so, that goes to show how much effort he put in trying to

    win the match. Nobody brings that level of intensity that Richards brings to a match.

    We have seen many former professional wrestlers who have been successful in their

    pro wrestling careers make the transition from being a wrestler or a sports entertainer

    to making a move to mixed martial arts. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have done

    that and now Dave Batista at age 42 will attempt to do that aswell. The wrestler who's

    been the most successful in making that transition is none other than Brock Lesnar.

    He's a former UFC World Heavyweight Champion of the World. Bobby Lashley he was

    doing good however, he needs to work on his ground defense and submission skills. I

    don't think Dave Batista will do well in mixed martial arts that is just my opinion I could

    be wrong I mean look at former retired NFL running back Herschel Walker he's (2-0) he

    started his mixed martial arts career in Strikeforce in his late 40's so, he's doing well.

    Yes, I think Davey Richards can make the transition from being a professional wrestler

    to starting a career in mixed martial arts. I think he's got some excellent submissions

    in his arsenal, great martial arts techniques Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay and he's got

    the heart the succeed in whatever he does in life. I think he should start off somewhere

    in Strike Force, M1, King of the Cage or Bellator before he decides to fight in the UFC.

    You could compare Davey Richards to being a fighter like a younger 'Big' Matt Hughes

    in his prime when he was a Undisputed UFC Welterweight Champion. Davey Richards

    is young he just turned 28 years old a few days ago so, if he decided to make a career

    movie to mixed martial arts I'm sure he will be a great mixed martial arts fighter I would

    like to see Davey Richards someday sign with World Wrestling Entertainment and be

    the next Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle or Bret Hart and WWE has reached out to Richards

    and the Wwe they did offer him a developmental contract in the past. However, we"ve

    seen what WWE has done with Colt Cabana and Kaval in the past who are both two of

    the best wrestlers in the world only to sign them to be jobbers. I think that if Davey did

    sign with World Wrestling Entertainment they would water down his move set and take

    away half of his move set arsenal and they would hold him back like they've done with

    Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) in the past. The majority of the Wwe roster wouldn't be

    able to keep up with Davey Richards in a Ring of Honor intense style kind of match.

    BQ:) I would like to see Davey Richards fight with Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy in the UFC.

  • Davey Richards was a very good High School Wrestler and a very good College Wrestler, so he has a Foundation in Amateur Wrestling to build upon. As I told friends when Brock Lesnar started in MMA, he will need to add Kicks, Strikes, Submissions and one or more Martial Arts Disciplines to be successful. It's one thing to incorporate Martial Arts Disciplines as part of your Professional Wrestling Arsenal. Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, The Undertaker and several other wrestlers have done this. I don't know that Davey Richards is trained in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, I know Eve Torres is and that she graduated from the Gracie Academy. I would think that Davey Richards would need several years of Martial Arts Training, as well as training and learning kicks, submissions and strikes before deciding to become an MMA Figher.

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    Actually, I am quickly getting frustrated by all of the pro wrestlers making the jump to MMA (Brock Lesnar is the exception). Bobby Lashley...Dave Batista....please make it stop. Don't get me wrong. You need a solid foundation of kicks, strikes, grapples, and a ground game to compete in the current MMA scene. Most 'Pro Wrestlers' do not even have WRESTLING let alone the other requirements.

    Davey Richards appears to have been trained in various techniques according to the television interviews. Keep in mind that anything they say in television may not be the truth (GASP). He does appear to have a ground game, but his limited moves could be learned from a Wrestling Boot Camp. He may actually have Martial Arts skills, but he definitely a pro wrestler first.

    Anyone top fighter in the current MMA scene would devastate Davey Richards based on the skill set that he has shown so far.

    Source(s): Martial Artist and Wrestling/ MMA Fan
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    I'm sure Davey Richards is going to regret retiring from professional wrestling since he's debut in 2006 he's really made a name for himself being "American Protégé" of Kenta Kobashi. Davey Richards is a 2 Time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion with Rocky "Azucar" Romero and part of the American Wolves Tag Team with "Fast" Eddie Edwards. Davey Richards made it to the final of the Ring of Honor World Television Title Tournament in a match I think he deserved to be the winner. One of my favorite matches was "Time to Man Up" in 2006 when Davey Richards along with his partner Kenta Kobashi faced off with The Briscoe Brothers that is one my favorite Ring of Honor matches of all time. Since then he's always reminded me of a young Chris Benoit during his early years in ECW, WCW and when he left to WWF/E part of the Radicals and I'm sure Davey Richards will reconsider and stay around a while longer he'll eventually be a Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion just like Jerry Lynn, Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuiness. Even more so I think when the top guys from World Wrestling Entertainment retire (Undertaker, Edge, Rey Mysterio, hhh, and Batista's already gone they will need to bring in some new wrestling talent of different wrestling promotions how they did with Bryan Danielson. However, they do need to utilized those guys a lot better having Colt Cabana in the Wwe calling him (Scott Goldman) and making him job to Brian Kendrick and Kahli is ridiculous.

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