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Bangladesh win by two wickets Take your eyes off England at your peril. They've dished up another World Cup classic but it's Bangladesh who are celebrating. Incredible result under the most intense pressure, fantastic scenes in Chittagong! At one stage they were 169 for 8, all but out of their own tournament before Shafiul suddenly turned the game on its head by swatting boundaries off Swann in the 42nd over and the belief came flowing back. All of this after being steamrolled for 58 the game before. Shakib is in tears, that's how much was at stake.

Imrul Kayes is named man of the match. Held the top order together with a half-century before almost losing the match with the run out. His catch to dismiss Eoin Morgan, though, might just have proved the difference.

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    The banglas showed they weren't going to be put under pressure and kept cool heads thorughout the whole match. The english bowling, fielding and batting altogether was just poor!!!

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    A jolly good result for Bangladesh,congrats to them.

  • Anonymous
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    Bangladesh is known for winning one or two games in the world cup in group stages. Nothing more to expect.

  • Yes congratulations Bangladesh.

    But they are still minnows.

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    10 years ago

    Don't jump high looser. Bangala kittens are still the minnows. *merah bharath, mahaan hey..

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I want to become captain of lanka again.


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    every bangladeshi will do that

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