Because of Japan's earthquake today... will there be an earthquake in California today too?

I'm curious because today we are going to California. I'm in Phoenix right now, but we might not go if one occurs over there because my parents are afraid of them.

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  • 10 years ago
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    No, there won't be an earthquake, it happens in Japan and caused a tsunami. California which is at the West Coast of America, is in danger, because the tsunami effects are still happening. Remember, rather safe than sorry

  • 10 years ago

    There are dozens of quakes in California each day - most of are so small you don't even feel them - even when you're right on top of the epicenter.

    Anyways, there will probably be quakes in California today as well but definitely not anything near as large as what Japan got.

    BTW, being in Phoenix you've already experienced several earthquakes yourself. Did you feel anything? Well, that's what it's like in California most of the time. I've been here 15 years and only felt 3 or 4 earthquakes.

    Source(s): And personally, you WANT lots of little quakes - this means the plates are letting off the energy in small bursts which is much preferable to one big burst...
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    I wouldn't sweat it, and earthquakes can't really be predicted so you might as well go. Though if you want to think about something, Yellowstone National Park is really a what is called a supervolcano, which is statistically due to erupt , blowing a few counties into powder and raining volcanic ash( powdered glass) on a big part of the country. Of course, that's north of you, however , there's another in Mexico. Get this? An earthquake is scary, because there's no place to run. I know. But what scares me more than anything is this fool that sails down my street without regard for anybody' s safety.

  • 10 years ago

    pls stop puttin that in the heads of all the ppl who are still grieving

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