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How do dogs know when theres an earth-quake happening on the other side of the world?

There was one of the biggest earth-quakes reported today, happening in japan, and our dogs started to go nuts around 4:00 am in the morning. Which was the reported time of it happening, the news even brought up, about all the animals going nuts. I live in maryland. How do they know?

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    i highly doubt your dogs were reacting to an earthquake on the other side of the world ... i live where earthquakes are prevalent and i can be walking my dog during an earthquake and she does nothing ... my previous dog had no reaction to earthquakes ... my friends dogs do not react to earthquakes (even when we live in tall buildings and the buildings are swaying) and that is earthquakes occurring where they can feel it, not half a world away ... so your dogs did not know, they were freaking about something else ...

  • Your dogs were just acting nuts to act nuts since the Earthquake happened in Japan at 2:46 PM Which translates into 1:46 AM Maryland time.

    Therefore, they knew nothing of the earthquake but perhaps had to go to the bathroom or there was something interesting going on outside.

    Here is an easy time converter for you

    Here is the report of the earthquake

    The quake affected the nation's key transportation systems, including Narita airport, which has reopened for departing flights after its runways were shut for safety checks.

    The quake, which hit at 2:46pm (local time) and lasted about two minutes, rattled buildings in greater Tokyo, the world's largest urban area and home to 30 million people.

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    Well what had happen was...they have a molecular combatible degobernational nose. They can feel the vibration thru there teeth. That is why they have such big eyes. I'm just sayin!!!!!

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