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Why do electrons have negative charge.?

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    Electrons belong to a class of particles called leptons. As far as we currently know, electrons have no substructure.

    For example, protons have a +1 charge because they consist of 3 quarks; two with a charge of +(2/3) and one with a charge of -(1/3).

    Directly from Wikipedia:

    "A possible explanation lies in the formation of virtual photons in the electric field generated by the electron. The continual creation and absorption of these photons causes the electron to move about in a jittery fashion. As photons possess angular momentum, this jittering of the electron causes a net precession, which, on average, results in a circulatory motion of the mass and charge."

    Pretty much saying that even though the electron is treated as a point particle, when it absorbs and radiates the virtual photons it "spins". This movement causes the charge to arise. I guess that is one thought, but I don't think anyone knows for certain WHY they have a charge.

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    i think they have negative charge to make the atom electrically neutral

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