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Has there been an earthquake in Japan!? what's going on?

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    Yes; an 8.9 earthquake around 2:25 a.m. eastern time, 11:25 p.m. Pacific time

    If you are on a coastal area in the Pacific, you'll want to keep your eyes and ears on the local news.

    ------------------------ << Pacific Tsunami Warning Center << USGS Latest Earthquakes map; Red = in the last hour; blue = last 24 hours; yellow = last two weeks; you can click on any of them. << Link for this specific earthquake

    If you live in Hawaii, there is already a watch; I expect watches will be issued for portions of the U.S. west coast, Mexico's west coast, and possibly the northern portion of South America's west coast. <<< Hawaii warning text <<< Map of times for waves to reach various points

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yea. I actually dont know much on the details, but DONT think we should freak out just yet.

    The news skews things like crazy -- there was a "giant" earthquake in Chile where i used to live and frankly it wasnt as bad as the news made it out to be.

    Best we can do is wait until we actually have the unmediated facts.

    Source(s): im majoring in marketing. minoring in japanese. i feel bad for the ppl, but feeling bad isnt going to get anything just waiting for the facts, and if i can actually offer support (im being serious right now, i made a question about sex yadee yah earlier...but in all honesty thats a joke) I will.
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  • Mark
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    9 years ago

    Could this be a possible sign for the world to end next year (2012)? I hope not!! I'm scared! lols

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  • yeah

    8.6 earth quake

    13 m tsunami

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