What would you name 20 kids with these names?

Please, no mean comments or pointless answers.

Girls' First Names:

Adelaide, Nora, Leila, Gwendolyn, Helena, Adrienne, Harper, Camille, Linnea, Madeleine, Reagan, Lorelai, Phebe, Penelope, Rowena, Bryony, Julianna, Amelia, Willow, Evelynn, Novalee, Charlotte, Christiana, Jasmine, Ainsley, Lucy, Scarlett, Laurel, Gretchen, Zooey, Delaney, Wynne, Cassydy, Jillian, Anneliese, Liesl, Brenna, Hadley, Claire

Girls' Middle names:

Emilie, Liberty, Verity, Maya, Savannah, Ruby, McKynzie, Jayne, Mae, Skye, Alyson, Brianna, McKinley, Kynnadie, Antonia, Aspen, Linden, Adeline, Beatrix, Louisa, Katherine, Victoria, Eleanore, Margaret, Imogen, Darcey, Evangeline, Caroline, Ivy, Violet, Eloise, Glory, Blythe, Josephine, Emmeline, Maisie, Bristol, Sage, Jocelyn

Boys' First Names:

Lochlan, Benjamin, Roarke, Camden, Dominic, Nolan, Trenton, Braeden, Declan, Kieran, Holden, Griffin, Garrison, Dean, Spencer, Oliver, Jeremiah, Connor, Seth, Gregory, Landon, Caleb, Trevor, Rhett, Damon, Sullivan, Sawyer, Arden, Emerson, Jude, Joshua, Greyer, Cullen, Lionel, Ryland, Devon

Boys' Middle Names:

Elisha, Jameson, Parke, Bennett, River, Stuart, Thomas, Michael, Micah, Cooper, Wyatt, Reilly, Lukas, Isaiah, Patrick, William, Josiah, Elijah, Levi, Heath, Kayne, Ewan, Chase, Carter, Gabriel, Ryder, Loden, Alaric, Daniel, Isaac, Graham, Nathaniel, Friedrich, Andrew, Channing, Rory


It does not have to be 10 girls and 10 boys, unless you want it to be, but you should have at least 5 of each gender.

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    1. Charlotte Eloise "Charlie"

    2. Connor Elijah

    3. Oliver Lukas

    4. Amelia Margaret "Mia"

    5. Lucy Emmeline

    6. Scarlett Savannah

    7. Zooey Josephine

    8. Madeleine Violet

    9. Nora Caroline

    10. Benjamin Isaac

    11. Dean Gabriel

    12. Evelynn Skye "Eve"

    13. Penelope Jayne "Poppy"

    14. Rowena Aspen

    15. Landon Stuart

    16. Trenton Alaric

    17. Gregory Thomas

    18. Willow Victoria

    19. Lorelai Maya "Rory"

    20. Jillian McKinley "Jill"

    <3 the names

  • 10 years ago

    1. Madeleine Ruby. [Maddie]

    2. Penelope Beatrix. [Elle]

    3. Bryony Katherine.

    4. Charlotte Eloise.

    5. Lucy Emmeline.

    6. Claire Evangeline.

    7. Willow Emilie.

    8. Amelia Imogen.

    9. Adrienne Violet

    10. Scarlett Verity.

    11. Sullivan Rory.

    12. Cullen Gabriel.

    13. Roarke Jameson.

    14. Kieran Bennett.

    15. Connor William.

    16. Spencer Thomas.

    17. Jude Nathaniel.

    18. Devon Michael.

    19. Benjamin Wyatt. [Ben]

    20. Oliver Ewan.

  • Bells
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    10 years ago

    Twenty Girls:

    1. Leila Maya

    2. Camille Jayne

    3. Amelia Sage

    4. Lorelai Ivy

    5. Delaney Skye

    6. Linnea Violet

    7. Madeleine Blythe

    8. Willow Eloise

    9. Jillian Darcey

    10. Anneliese Mae

    11. Claire Emmeline

    12. Adrienne Maisie

    13. Brenna Linden

    14. Hadley Antonia

    15. Cassydy Adeline

    16. Scarlett Louisa

    17. Jasmine Verity

    18. Gwendolyn Ruby

    19. Julianna Beatrix

    20. Harper Alyson

    Twenty Boys:

    1. Braedon Thomas

    2. Declan Wyatt

    3. Dean Micah

    4. Oliver Patrick

    5. Jeremiah Levi

    6. Connor Carter

    7. Gregory Chase

    8. Caleb Isaac

    9. Emerson Nathaniel

    10. Jude Channing

    11. Joshua Friedrich

    12. Benjamin Graham

    13. Dominic Elijah

    14. Seth Andrew

    15. Lochlan Daniel

    16. Trenton Heath

    17. Kieran Reilly

    18. Spencer Alaric

    19. Trevor Rory

    20. Garrison Kayne


  • 5 years ago

    Madeleine Violet

    Phoebe Eloise

    Jasmine Victoria

    Nora Imogen

    Adelaide Darcey

    Scarlett Verity

    Penelope Katherine

    Helena Ivy

    Lucy Beatrix

    Harper Maisie

    Spencer Daniel

    Caleb Elijah

    Jude Nathaniel

    Connor Lukas

    Oliver Andrew

    Declan Carter

    Seth Micah

    Gregory Levi

    Dean Stuart

    Sullivan Patrick

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Leila Ruby

    2. Madeleine

    3. Amelia Katherine

    4. Christiana Violet

    5. Jasmine Sage

    6. Scarlett Evangeline

    7. Anneliese Margaret

    8. Lucy Adeline

    9. Liesl Victoria

    10. Gwendolyn Eloise

    11. Holden Thomas

    12. Griffin Michael

    13. Rhett William

    14. Emerson Wyatt

    15. Benjamin Friedrich

    16. Dominic Chase

    17. Gregory Nathaniel

    18. Damon River

    19. Greyer Lukas

    20. Declan Levi

  • JK.
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    10 years ago

    Adelaide Ruby

    Leila Katherine

    Madeleine Ivy

    Penelope Jayne

    Amelia Liberty

    Charlotte Savannah

    Jasmine Blythe

    Ainsley Caroline

    Scarlett Aspen

    Anneliese Sage

    Benjamin Levi

    Dominic Chase

    Kieran Thomas

    Oliver Patrick

    Jeremiah Kayne

    Connor Daniel

    Seth Lukas

    Caleb Elijah

    Jude Nathaniel

    Joshua Isaac

  • 10 years ago


    Leila Ruby

    Helena Victoria

    Julianna Ivy

    Amelia Caroline

    Claire Eloise

    Charlotte Maya

    Lucy Katherine

    Jillian Emilie

    Lorelei Violet

    Delaney Eleanore


    Declan Thomas

    Benjamin Lukas

    Dean William

    Oliver Patrick

    Jeremiah Daniel

    Caleb Andrew

    Damon Michael

    Lochlan Reilly

    Holden Wyatt

    Ryland Ewan

  • 10 years ago

    Adelaide Maisie

    Helena Imogen

    Seth William

    Bryony Louisa

    Penelope Blythe

    Jude Nathaniel

    Lachlan Stuart

    Claire Evangeline

    Camille Ruby

    Lucy Caroline

    Declan Isaac

    Oliver Heath

    Charlotte Eleanore

    Ariadne Violet

    Dominic Elijah

    Amelia Verity

    Madeleine Beatrix

    Emerson Thomas

    Linnea Margaret

    Benjamin Elisha

    -- {Della, Nellie, Seth, Bryony, Poppy, Jude, Lachie, Claire, Milly, Lucy, Declan, Ollie, Lottie, Aria, Nic, Mia, Leni, Emerson, Linnea & Ben}

  • Mara
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    10 years ago

    Nora Katherine

    Helena Violet

    Madeleine Eloise

    Lucy Caroline

    Scarlett Victoria

    Julianna Ivy

    Evelynn Margaret

    Claire Josephine

    Ainsley Beatrix

    Delaney Adeline

    Declan Thomas

    Connor Ewan

    Sullivan Chase

    Griffin Daniel

    Sawyer Patrick

    Seth Andrew

    Holden Bennett

    Trevor William

    Oliver Freidrich

    Caleb Isaiah

  • 10 years ago

    1) Hadley Mae

    2) Anneliese Kynnadie

    3) Adrienne Liberty

    4) Willow Katherine

    5) Delaney Skye

    6) Scarlett Emmeline

    7) Reagan Maisie

    8) Harper McKinley

    9) Ainsley Sage

    10) Lorelai McKynzie

    11) Camden Michael

    12) Kieran Elijah

    13) Declan Jameson

    14) Braedan William

    15) Seth Carter

    16) Sawyer Nathanial

    17) Devon Lukas

    18) Connor Kayne

    19) Landon Josiah

    20) Nolan River


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