Haven't recieved Passport (21yr old) medcaid/birthcert/id?

I ordered my passport through expedite (2-3 week service) it has been over a month. I got a letter on the 20th stating that I needed 5 documents stating my identity ect,

Employment Identification card/records (On medicaid/no records of working.)

Federal, state of Municipal Identification card

Student Identification card ( I send high school graduation card)

Drivers License (I'm epileptic and I can't drive/never drove)

Military records (Never served)

Selective services registration (None)

Uinion Membership card (none)

Professional license /nurse, beautician, pilot, mechanic (none)

Medicaid/Health Insurance card (Send Medicaid card/medicaid papers it came up to 10 papers including how much I make through medicaid)

Welfare card (Medicaid sent)

Marriage certfiicates (Never been married)

School transcripts (Sent 2006-2008 high school records)

School Yearbook photograph with name and name of school (I lost my high school year book it was the only one I had.. )

Insurance records (Medicaid sent, Hospital records even Xray scan bills sent)

Expired Passports (I can't even get my first one..)

Baptismal Certificate or other religious records (I don't have any)

Voter's registration card (I don't have one.)

Icome Tax records/w-2s (None )

Banking Records (On medicaid, unable to get an account.)

Newspaper articles (None)

Publicity features (None)

birth Cert (Sent)

Social Security card (Sent)

Mortgage license (none)

I'm Twenty one, I don't have many records available. I have sent a total of 14 documents to them, still they call me and tell me that it isn't enough to properly identify me. I have never had a criminal record, I am disabled and have epilepsy. I have sent them all of my medicaid records. What more can I do? Is it just the company? I sent them everything that is normally asked for. Birth cerftificate/bills my ID card.I am going tomorrow to try and open a bank account, and going to try and get a drivers license. I don't know what else to do. The company in Charleston, South Carolina (1269 Holland Street Building 643 Charleston , SC 29405 ) seems to not want to work with me at all. I don't know what other records to give them. I've called all my schools (they said they don't hold onto those records for more then 2-4 years.) Why is this so difficult? My friend recieved hers in 1 1/2 week.But hers was sent to Phillidalphia.

Does anyone have any ideas? Do I just get a refund and go to anther company? My trip was on the 10th, so I already missed it, and i'm out 2,000 for the trip, and 300 for the passport


I ordered through the US Post office. They transferred it to Charleston. It was expedited through the post office. What else information can I give them if I've given them everything I have?

I was told that I would be refunded the money if I tell them that I want everything back, and that I'm going o go somewhere else. I've seen this happens because different Passport places like the one in Charleston, and the one in Philly do things differently. So I might end up going to another place, would that be best? I am still hanging on to the hope that records/school transcripts work/docuemtns from doctors from when I was 17 will work.

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  • 10 years ago
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    An American passport? You do not get your passport from a company. You get it from the U.S. government. You must submit your application at the nearest post office. sounds like you may have used one of the private companies that gets the passport from a regional passport agency for you...they still have to get it from the government. Sometimes when they ask for more I.D. it is because there is another person with the same name and birth date. some times they get an application and someone who used your S.S. number already applied...meaning your Identity was stolen...so then need to figure out who is the real you. The do not do refunds. It is not the fault of the expediting company...it is the U.S. passport service. I hope this gets resolved soon.

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