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Are jib boards good for freeriding?

I DON'T do parks. I'm a beginner-intermediate snowboarder, 112 lbs and I'm 5"1. I have a K2 Nikita Vavavoom snowboard in 139.

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    Not really, jib specific boards are the most flexible boards you can get. the flex makes them ideal for rails and other park activities but at high speed you'll notice a lot of chatter and stability issues. They're great for beginners who need forgiveness to help progress in the sport but if you've already discovered what you love to do on the mountain and don't plan on ever hitting the park i might look into a stiffer board. When i hear freeride I think bombing down blacks and backcountry riding. The boards used for this area are stiffer and less forgiving. If you're comfortable on blacks and riding at high speeds then switch boards because that jib board might hurt your confidence. Now since you still classify yourself as beginner/intermediate then i wouldn't jump on the stiffest board you can find. I'd lean toward an all-mountain board which tends to be great for everything. they'll be a lot stiffer than a jib board an a little more forgiving than an incredibly stiff board. You should also take into consideration where you ride, if it's a smaller hill get a slightly softer board but if you're out west go for a stiffer board. I'd look for something like this, it's stiffer than the K2 you have but not as stiff as a freeride oriented board. it should be a good bridge from jib to freeride it'll be fine doing anything on the mountain from times where you just want to cruise and play around to times where you want to bomb those blacks. but if you really want a true freeride oriented board then look into something like the Lotus (you can find it on the same link) it'll be a stiff directional freeride board. and the reason I chose Never Summer to give you an idea of what you should be looking for is because it's just the company I trust and know the most about, their boards seem to be the most durable and top quality boards on the market

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