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Why wont my baby water turtle bask or eat? ive tried lettuce anything else?

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    Forget the lettuce and don't worry about it. Turtles in new tanks often refuse food for a week or two. If it goes longer, slip some small earthworms into the water for it to find. Other good foods are liver dusted in bone meal and bait fishes, which are a lot cheaper than feeders. No plant matter until the turtle matures.

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    it is extremely person-friendly. issues might desire to get normalized after a week or 2. If it takes longer, slip some small earthworms into the water for the turtle to discover. do no longer feed it any plant count till the turtle matures.

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    10 years ago

    Try a variety of fruit & veg chopped fine & some burger (raw) is it warm enough or too warm . Turtles bask to warm up. If its too hot try cooling down his environment

    Source(s): Had turtles
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