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How many of the following can both taste PTC and fold their tongue?

PTC inherited as a dominant while folding the tongue is inherited as a recessive.

Ppff ppff ppFf ppFF

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    9 years ago
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    Okay so P is the allele for being able to taste PTC, since the trait of tasting PTC is dominant, only one P allele needs to be present. p is the allele for not tasting PTC, so if there is 2 p (pp) then the individual will not be able to taste PTC. So right away you know only the first individual can taste PTC because that's the only one that has a P allele. If something is inherited as recessive, that means there must be 2 of the recessive alleles for the trait to be seen. So you must have ff to be able to fold your tongue. The combination of Ppff is the only one in which the individual can both taste PTC and fold their tongue.

    So, 1.

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