Anywhere in Idaho with a decent climate? not too hot?

Well my father wants to move to Idaho. He has a disease called Multiple Sclerosis. All in all he doesn't take kindly to heat very well (80 degrees and up is uncomfortable for him, prefers 75 or lower) and that means in summer!!!

is there anywhere in idaho that doesnt get up in the 80's in summer? He thinks Coeur D'Alene might be a nice spot, but personally that's too far north for me.

I'd prefer Boise, but it gets hot in summer, in the 90's i hear.

anywhere kind of near there that isn't so bad? prefer west over east but doesn't matter too much.

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you are ruling CDA out because it is too far north...I don't think that's quite a smart move. CDA is beautiful, on a lake, has fantastic food (Like Capones Bar and Grill) (or the Restaurant on the Lake -it floats!) It is big enough there is still quite a bit to do and it stays below 80. Boise, while big with plenty to do, gets toasty hot. In the summer, the average day is around 100. It is hot and dry dry dry. Moscow is pretty nice. It is about 22000 people and if you don't mind a smaller town, it is great. For fun, you can go to coffee, bowling, movies... but most people just make their own fun. Also, the University of Idaho is in Moscow and the students are a big part of the community. Most are very well mannered. Also, Washington State University is in Pullman, WA and is only about 8 miles away. So the two cities provide plenty of things. The temps can get to 90-100 on a really hot day. But they generally stay right around 80. Hotter than CDA, but further south. Idaho is really great- if you like to camp, hike, shoot guns, archery, backpacking, and all other outdoorsy things you will really really love Idaho. If that isn't your cup of tea, it is still beautiful and decently fun to live in.

    Best of luck, sugar and feel free to contact me if you would like more info about Idaho.

    ~Girly J from Idaho.

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    if he doesn't take to well to heat, you may want to consider anything west of the Cascades in Washington or Oregon. It seldom get above the mid-eighties there, and the closer to the coast, the cooler it gets with average highs only in the 60's or 70's, anything in the 80's is rare

    averages for Port Townsend WA

    Newport, OR

    Here is Coear D'alene, ID in contrast

    If you insist upon Idaho, then you may wish for the higher elevations, but you may have problems with snow in the winter

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