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How long is the lifespan of tattoo machine coils?

I have a tattoo machine (JAWS3 from Unimax) and I haven't used it for roughly a year. I barely used it at all so I expected it to be functional. Is it possible that the coils died out with no usage? I checked to see if the points were all clean and contacting and the armature bar isn't pressed down too close to the coils. My machine is not running at all, and I just purchased a new Instek powersupply.

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    I don't know much about this but I know that some power supplies only work with certain guns...

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    Unimax Tattoo Machine

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    You have a bad connection, or the machine is grounding out. Ninety percent of the time, it's a bad ground on the machine. You contact point gap may be wrong, as well. The coils aren't bad. They're just wraps of wire. It's an electromagnet, works like a doorbell.

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