What are some jobs involved in mythology or paranormal stuff?

I'm really interested in things like..well you may think I'm stupid but the Loch Ness Monster, or The Kraken. Or the Jersey Devil. I like watching shows like UFO Hunters, Lost Tapes, and Destination Truth. I'd prefer a job that I could get without having to be jobless for years with some sort of education taken in this field.


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    Shows like Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Ghost Adventures for example... it's not like any schlub can say they ghost hunt and then get their own television show.

    These people have been doing this for many years prior to having a show. Look at the show "Ghost Hunters"

    Jason and Grant (the leads of the show) have been running T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) for many years prior to landing a show of their own. Many times they donated their time or worked for nominal fees meaning they had to work second jobs at Roto Rooter as plumbers. It took a long time for them to get a show of their own.

    Same goes for the show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". These consist of mostly journalists, scientists, a stunt man who understands what it physically takes to pull off a stunt should something be faked, and a photography expert.

    They're not paranormal experts per say, they just put their expertise to use to see if they can spot a fake. However they've worked in their own fields for many many years before landing this gig. And I'm sure it took a lot of auditions and rejections to find this particular crew.

    Really, paranormal work is not a science or a job... it's a hobby for those for those seeking the truth. Most paranormal groups have secondary jobs.

    if you're looking to do something like this... my suggestion would be to get a degree in science, or photography, or journalism, get a normal day job and do this on the side for fun. Maybe you'll be the lucky one in a thousand who lands a job on television doing this kind of work... but most people continue to do paranormal investigations as a side venture.

    on the up note... there is writing a book, HOWEVER, you have to have experience in paranormal investigations, you need to have a great command of the written word to express your story in a way that will be pleasing to publishers to make them want to publish the story, and overcome certain legalities such as permission from those you interview to use their quotes in your book, if you're writing about a private investigation for a client you need that client to sign off on allowing you to discuss it, and so on. It's not as easy as simply sitting down and writing.

    it helps if you take courses in creative writing... your best bet would be to join a local paranormal investigation group and learn the ropes. The how to's, the what not to's, and the when to's, and take it from there. You may find you don't even like paranormal investigation when you actually do it.

    it's not like tv where you are there for an hour, pack up and you have amazing evidence. Investigations are hours if not a few days long... sometimes you find nothing... the evidence review is quite tedious. So it's best to see if a group will take you under their wings and show you the ropes.

    again, 90% of paranormal groups do their investigations for free... those that do charge a small fee only do so to be able to pay the expenses of getting new equipment as equipment becomes available for this type of hobby... not to pay investigators. So you'd be doing this for free.

    My suggestion again would be to get a job in photography, science, or even to teach history. Those are all things you can get a career in, and science, photography skills and history are helpful in paranormal investigations... which you can do as a hobby.

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    Writing books and TV shows are pretty much the only ways to get paid doing something related to the paranormal, unless you're a con artist and pretend to have psychic powers and charge people to lie to them (plenty of people do this, but most aren't making good money off of it). Since nothing paranormal has ever been shown to exist, you can't get a degree or license in the field, and no one will pay you to study it.

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