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Industrialization in China vs Japan?

why did japan succeed in industrialization and china did not? what events might have led to the differences?

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    Basically, Japan was/is a copycat and never has any true inventions of her own.

    Before 1860, for thousands of years, japan copied everything from China ranging from cultures, food, clothes, writing systems to architectural and agricultural skills. After 1860, when Qing China didnt want to move forward in every aspect, japan turned to copy from europe up till now.

    Whereas, China had very great inventions in history which still being used worldwide. During 1600s, China's navigation skills enabled her fleets to sail to africa, whereas, japan could only sail the small boats to the China and Korean coasts conducting their robbing activities ( it is listed on history book ).

    The only era China's technology being below japan was from 1880 since the late Qing Dynasty to 1980 before China launched the industralisation. In China's 4700 history, that 100 years was the only era of time that China's technology stayed below japan, and for most times of her 4700 years of history, China was always the superpower in asia while japan was considered the bandit country, like today's Somalia.

    Strictly speaking, between 1880 - 1980, 100 years, China's technology was not below japan but below the technology of the countries japan copied from which was europe and the usa.

    japan is merely a copycat and her technology was nothing comparing to China's and will be nothing to China again after, say 10 years. Read the history book, if you can.

    @ me no eat .... japan copied european car making technology during the late 1800 and was able to manufacture cars in 1930. They had planned to market their cars back to europe and the usa in 1930s, not because they had better technology but because of the lower prices.. Without copyng from european cars, japan knew nothing about automobiles.



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    Because the Japanese went about economical reforms quicker than the Chinese.

    After WWII, the Japanese knew they were defeated and knew that the only way to restore their Empire was to work together and grow, in the 1960's growth in Japan was just as high as Chinas today (10%) and was in a state as if it was China is today.

    In the 1960s Chinese people were still fighting between themselves and tearing up their country with mass killing and destruction that made economical reform impossible. Economical reform did not happen until Mao had died (1976) and economical reforms had started (1979) which lead to China dating 'Western money' by that time Japan had developed a led and was changing from a mass maker of cheap goods improving to a maker of high value, labour efficient goodies.

    Today China's economically is growing mostly changing from low-value mass production to high-value labour efficient goods just as much as Japan did. The way it is doing to is much like Japan it is basically copying other countries technology and improvements, this can be clearly seen with China's car industry. This difference between Japan and China is being seen in the difference between India and China were India started their economical reforms ten years after China, surprisingly India today is like what China was 10 years ago!

    In time China will become top dog on the GDP list only to contend with India, especially if it does not change its political ways.

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    Land: China steamrolls ideal over japan. hands down. army: together as china has so a lot extra floor ships and planes, this is not any longer as reliable by way of fact the eastern one that's extra technologies. China has so a lot extra subs. Navies may be definitely countered by an air rigidity. average, Japan's army is stronger so a techniques, nevertheless that can definitely substitute. Air: it quite is the significant area. Japan air rigidity is especially rattling useful. nevertheless chinese language air rigidity is getting greater. i might provide it to china. average, china wins.

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    I forget the guys name but there was a guy who introduced the idea of quality control to japanese manufacturing in the 19607s and 1970's. Up until them japanese companies pretty much copied whatever the Americans were doing but quality in general was quite low. it wasnt until the 1970's when Matsushita Nobuske who ran Sony came out with the walkman, companies like Honda and Toyota actually started producing cars that people wanted to own did japan come into its own. China now is like japan in the 1970s. Rip off everything they can lay their hands on, slap a similar sounding label on it but a pig with lipstick is still a pig. Chinese learnt how to manufacture from raw materials and export a finished product but are not very good at coming up with ideas on their own. Japan has the same problem now where they are required to be creative, think outside the box, things that are not really taught or cultivated in Japanese companies. that is why companies like Sony and panasonic have gone down the toilet. You will be interested to know the guy who runs Nissan is a french-belgian and also the head of renault, Nissan was on life support until he was brought in, turned the company around single handedly and they are now one of the top sellers in japan. Lots of japanese companies do well in the domestic market but have trouble selling their brand overseas due to what is called the Galapagos Syndrome. Design specs are made for the local market in mind and does not translate easily to overseas and requires innovative outside the box thinking. Honda cars made in the US are not really the same thing as Honda cars made in japan.

    China IMHO is in deep sh^it because its a centralised communist economy, nobody says boo without the communist party's say-so and they do not allow employees free reign to innovate (not copy) as constructive thinking requires that they ask questions, do not defer to authority and go against the grain of whatever the CCCP wants. This whole stock market scandal recently in China is a prime example.

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    The success of Japanese industrialization is due to its continuous research and innovation, while China's industrialization began as merely copycat of everything from Japan and other country's inventions.

    Some people might try to drop numbers and history facts but not even those are close to the truth. For instance, navigation tools weren't only compasses, people from other countries used their own navigation tools:

    A gay lover claiming everything is owned by China, but cannot even prove anything, see below why:;_ylt=AuEdL...

    History books are fun, but imaginary ones without proof aren't. I urge China to stop copying Japanese technology and inventions, counterfeit production may be the only surviving industry in China for now and say after 10 years from now, but that is not a good way to bash the "original" innovators. The meaning of copycat is often mistaken by China. Any concept may be copied as long as they put their own innovation to it. For instance, cars in America different from Japanese cars, American automobiles are almost mechanical, while Japanese cars are relative electronic and computerized. That's called innovation, not copycat. While China continues to copy LV and Prada bags without innovation and using the same name even. Now that's what we call copycat.


    @dog lover

    You still don't understand the difference of innovation and copy. The first automotive car was imported to Japan by a French trader, not stolen.

    So, Japan's automobiles today are called innovations". Figure this out for yourself, why do China have cars then? yes, they copied it from Japan. Was there any innovation from China? none. The difference of innovation and copy repeated, I bet even small children might understand:

    innovation - you take something existing and put new enhancements and own ideas

    copy - you copy everything

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    China fell behind Japan in 1949 after the fall of democracy in the PRC. In the end, it isn't about who's better or who's smarter, the Chinese or Japanese. It has to do with freedoms. Japan became a democracy which allowed them to thrive. The PRC was desperate after the fall of the Soviet Union. Scared of falling apart like the USSR, they began opening trade with Japan and then eventually the U.S. and Europe.

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    When Did Japan Industrialize

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    China is catching up

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