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Do you think putting a THC cap on medical marijuana is counter productive, making a patient smoke more?

New Jersey is the biggest joke with how their trying to legalize medical pot with the most bogus restrictions to both patients and potential businesses.

8:64-10.7 Strains of marijuana

(a) An ATC shall cultivate no more than three strains of medicinal marijuana.

(b) Strains of marijuana authorized for cultivation shall be labeled as one of the

following strengths: low, medium or high.

(c) The maximum THC content of any sold product shall not exceed ten percent.

3 strains when other states have like 20, week. Mainly the 10% THC cap makes no sense, you can't just grow weed and know the exact amount of THC it will produce. Suppose a business harvests their crop and its's 10.5%, all that gets thrown away in theory?

The funny thing is these were the main issues with the legislation and they amended the rules and they still kept the parts.


Basically if a patient wants the desired effect contrasted to other states, their only option is to smoke more of the herb, almost making medical marijuana totally unable to serve it's purpose.

The biggest issue I see here is you can't grow a crop and know estimate THC %'s like it's a science because it's not and never has been.

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    A THC Cap is a money maker.

    A State imposed THC cap means each and every plant would need to go to a lab. While growing there is no way to know the THC amount. That SUPPER high THC content marijuana - is grown by the fracken US government. In NJ the State does plan to own and operate the facilities. In every State allowing MMJ the people giveth and the State taketh away!

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    If any state could legalize it, it is going to be California. i'm hoping they prevail and getting a invoice in place for 2010. The California border has been a warm mattress of violence for years and it quite is getting worse. no longer even risk-free to bypass to Baja anymore by way of a lot anger and mindless blood shed over the marijuana commerce. There are a lot extra significant subject concerns for regulation enforcement to have an interest by than marijuana possession and distribution which could for all sakes and applications be legalized and sales and promoting regulated by states. Obama could bypass away the legalization of it as much as the states. Marijuana and well-being care reform are 2 subject concerns which look to scare specific factors of our society in particular the pharmaceutical marketplace and coverage companies. Why? properly, for one ingredient, marijuana is a threat to the drug marketplace because it stands right now and well-being reform is a threat to coverage companies. Why can not we provide marijuana of project and why can not we provide maximum people determination of project? If left as much as the american human beings, they may be voted in a coronary heart beat, no hands down. will we actually have a democracy or are the coverage companies and huge pharm going to rule out international perpetually? Do the american human beings quite have a say in the situation? It does not look so. extra legislative potential could acquire to the states if Washington can not get their act at the same time to make appropriates judgements which will help the american human beings.

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    Actually, botany is a science and, according to a great documentary called Botany of Desire (available as an instant download on Netflix), most of the best botanists in the country are growing marijuana.

    Other than that, I generally agree with your points.

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    The right wingers are just terrified that somebody is going to have a nice time smoking marijuana. They just can't deal with ANYBODY having any non-regulated experience.

    This is why you DON'T vote republican!

    They'd do anything to keep marijuana against the law, so they'll be putting forth a lot of these stupid "laws".

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    10 years ago

    There are other ways to consume it besides smoking. Eating it actually will give you a longer, more sustained effect. Or so I've heard.

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    You must inhale more harmful smoke in order to get the same amount of medicine. Yes that seems stupid.

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    10 years ago

    THC restrictions will inevitably leave the market open to drug dealers

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    Advocates want to have it treated like a medication, such is the deal. Besides, libs like governmental regulations and science running their lives. What's the problem?

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    If there ain't no THC you might as well be smoking weed or, oregano.

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    if pot were to be legalized and sold and taxed like alcohol, i'm sure our financial probs would change for the better

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