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Horrible parents! need tips please!?

Ok I posted an add on craigslist a while ago offering childcare. A lady called me and needed a sitter for her six day old baby girl!!! I watched the baby...for 5 hours...the parents didn't even know me! No background check was done! Nothing!!

Im still watching the baby and her parents are horrible.I meet the mom downstairs in the morning and she has the babies carseat in the front seat not strapped in with the baby crying not strapped in...the baby deserves better. They hardly pay me but I do it to help the baby...I get ten bucks for watching her from 11-4 and 20 bucks from 7-4

The baby is allso tounge tied from her mom using ghetto baby bottles with fast I bought her the fisher price breastflow bottles hoping they help...

I don't get it..did u leave ur baby with a sitter this young? She is almost two months now.

Im 19.

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  • Delia
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    10 years ago
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    This is nothing against you personally, but I would never leave my baby with someone I don't know VERY well or someone not related to me, let alone find a sitter on Craigslist. I also don't do daycare, for the same reasons. Anyone paid 8 bucks an hour (in my opinion, and I have personally worked daycare) probably has no reason to care for kids properly.

    I have a 7 year old. He's NEVER been left with a stranger. The furthest I went was allowing my best friend's 16 year old daughter babysit him when he was 4-5 years old for about two hours at a time. My 3 month old ONLY stays with Grandma or her great aunt.

    To the other poster who mentioned maternity leave, Not everyone has maternity leave, and if they do, it is not always the same amount of time. Further, it's her business if she has to run errands or do whatever and leaves the child with a sitter. Let's not make this into more than it is. Some mom's have no choice but to return to work within days of giving birth. Even with maternity leave, which is usually 6-8 weeks, they often return prior to 6-8 weeks AFTER the birth. As many women leave work a few weeks before the birth. And whenever they leave work is when the countdown starts, not once the baby is born.

    edit- I have worked with Child Protective Services. If you are in the U.S., they cannot do anything unless there is actual abuse, which has to sadly be life threatening in order to do anything. While her parents seem irresponsible, they are not clearly abusive or neglectful to the point of endangering her life. You can't prove that the car seat was not secured at one point, as in before you arrived. They won't even investigate at this point.

    That said, keep your eyes open. If the child starts coming up with bruises, isn't growing properly, etc., then it's time to file a report.

  • Linda
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    5 years ago

    Maybe you should spend more time on your school work and less time playing video games. I'm sure Spanish and science and all your other classes are going to get your further in life than WOW and xbox. That grounding doesn't sound like the end of the world to me. I rememer getting grounded and having TV, computer, phone, video games, car, and going out privileges taken away for a semester at a time If I failed or came close to it (8 weeks without a car while in high school and 2 jobs isn't the greatest thing) its that kind of punishment that made me realize I needed to buckle down and get serious. If your asking me I don't think your parents are doing enough to get you to study. Take an hour a day and study, not that hard. Turn in every assignment on time and do every extra credit assignment you can, go to study groups and get serious. Your education is more important than a video game.

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    First, you can call CPS on her. Although, you are wrong about one thing. Babies are born tongue-tied and it has nothing to do with the bottle. She however, should have gotten it taken care of (my son's was done when he was 3 days old) If it isn't done soon it can hinder speech. If the baby hasn't had it fixed she may be using the faster flow so it is easier for her. (although it is unwise b/c the baby can choke) Where is she going before she would have been off of maternity leave? That is 6 weeks. Something sounds amiss and I would err on the side of caution and you can do it anonymously

  • Andy
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    10 years ago

    I would never have left my son with someone I didn't know,especially when he was that young!That's justrdiculous.Regardless of whether o not they need to get bac to work,they need to put their baby's needs first and consider his well being and safety.

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    the baby, if she gets to read this when she's 16+? Will definately love you with all her heart seeing that you care so much for her. Thank you for caring for the baby miss. I know you'd babysit the baby even for free. Just saying. Sorry my answer wasn't of any help (:

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What did you expect when you OFFERED childcare to strangers? Good, upstanding, productive members of society ringing your phone?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I would definitely contact some sort of authority. It is wrong for them to neglect their duties, but it is just as wrong to do nothing. Plus, they are paying you jack.

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