Is there a difference between White Irish Catholic Terrorists and Arab Muslim Terrorists?

It would seem that Congressman Peter King has willfully forgotten when he was fund-raising for the IRA murderers.


Dr. Arroganto... you tell that to the 3000 plus people killed during their reign of terror. You people amaze me. I suppose a phone call before the planes flew into the twin towers would have been OK.. Right?

Update 2:

MikeGolf... your ignorance is astounding.... I am not shocked though, we are after all talking about American interpretation of the facts.

Update 3:

Dr. Arroganto... Understood.

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    The issue in Northern Ireland is political not religious. The media, who is always looking for short cuts and not the whole story, calls the participants Catholics and Protestants.

    The conflict is about whether the British territory (probably the wrong word) of Northern Ireland should remain British or should return to Ireland.

    The majority of people in Ireland are Catholics. The majority of people in England and Northern Ireland are Protestants. There are actually Catholics and Protestants on either side.

    The terrorists on either side of the issue are not Christian in any sense of the word.

    “Violence is a lie, for it goes against the truth of our faith, the truth of our humanity, the life, the freedom of human beings. Violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society …

    On my knees I beg you to turn away from the paths of violence and to return to the ways of peace... Let history record that at a difficult moment in the experience of the people of Ireland, the Bishop of Rome set foot in your land, that he was with you and prayed with you for peace and reconciliation, for the victory of justice and love over hatred and violence."

    -- Pope John Paul II Appeal to IRA in Drogheda, September 1979

    With love in Christ.

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    Although both groups do count as terrorists - there is a huge difference between the two.

    The biggest difference is that the IRA had limited aims and as a result chose to make more limited attacks. Islamic terrorists ahve virtually unlimited aims and as a result - choose attacks that feature mass casualties.

    Another way of looking at it is that the IRA chose targets based on their political goals. Any place that had nothing to do with the IRAs political goals was safe from attack. Islamists on the other hand - do not choose attacks based on political goals. Instead they choose targets based on maximum body count.

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    10 years ago

    OMG doesn't anyone know that the Irish Republican Army (Provisional ) trained with the Islam terrorists? They were armed and funded from Lybia and many of them trained in terrorism in Lybia. That is a good example of people with the same objective and a common enemy working together,

  • A.R.
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    10 years ago

    If their murdering people with anonymous bombings and those types of tactics, no, there is no difference. Sure, a group of people may be repressed in one way or another by some imperialistic force, but blowing up civilians as they do their daily shopping or commuting is a cowards way. There are non-violent means also.

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    To be honest, the IRA was known for warning ahead of time before an attack. For the most part, they were only willing to make a scene and cost money, not lives. The Islamic terrorist are out for lives.

    You assume I am for terrorism? I am not for any form of it. Both groups were in the wrong. But you asked for the difference and I told you. I did not say that the IRA did not take lives. Just that it was not their goal. Please don't read more into my answer than there is.

    Thank you.

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    10 years ago

    One is a terrorist who happens to be religious (even though your actions run contrary to your religion), the other is a terrorist who commits acts of terrorism in the name of his religion.

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    10 years ago


    White Irish Catholic Terrorists have cool accents, and drink beer

    Muslim Terrorists are just no fun to hang out with

  • 10 years ago

    Well the adjectives you use to describe the different terrorists would probably suffice as an answer.

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    10 years ago

    Yes. Irish Catholics are fighting for freedom. Muslim terrorists are fighting for tyranny. No small distinction, but obviously lost on you.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes, Muslim terrorists outnumber Catholic terrorists 100 to 1.

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