How has the hydroponics industry been affected by the legalization of medical marijuana in California?

I'm doing a paper on the affect of recreational marijuana on the american economy, yeah so help would be good. With legit sources please.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Recreational use is illegal so the only way to tell would be the increased number of hydroponic stores over the last 14 years. Maybe there is a national society of hydroponics keeping statistics. Got to get creative! Recreational use and medical use are 2 different columns.

    Source(s): Tend to know MMJ
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    4 years ago

    If any state might desire to legalize it, it incredibly is going to be California. i'm hoping they be triumphant and getting a invoice in place for 2010. The California border has been a warm mattress of violence for years and that's getting worse. no longer even risk-free to pass to Baja anymore as a results of a lot anger and mindless blood shed over the marijuana commerce. There are much greater substantial subject concerns for regulation enforcement to be all in favour of than marijuana possession and distribution that could desire to for all sakes and applications be legalized and revenues and merchandising and marketing regulated by ability of states. Obama might desire to go away the legalization of it as much as the states. Marijuana and wellness care reform are 2 subject concerns which seem to scare specific aspects of our society specifically the pharmaceutical industry and coverage firms. Why? nicely, for one element, marijuana is a risk to the drug industry because it stands on the instant and wellness reform is a risk to coverage firms. Why won't be able to we provide marijuana a huge gamble and why won't be able to we provide the typical public determination a huge gamble? If left as much as the yank people, they could be voted in a coronary heart beat, no palms down. can we actually have a democracy or are the coverage firms and great pharm going to rule out worldwide constantly? Do the yank people particularly have a say interior the situation? It does not look so. greater legislative means might desire to take delivery of to the states if Washington can not get their act mutually to make appropriates judgements which will help the yank people.

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    10 years ago

    What do you mean be affected? California in 2009 made over 13.2 million just off taxing it.

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