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Who invented the classic guitar? who invented the electric guitar? who invented the bass guitar?

who invented the electric guitar? who invented the slide guitar? who invented the steel guitar? who invented the accoustic guitar? i am doing a powerpoint for school and i need to get some answers for some questions! also i need to know when all of these were invented! where were all of these invented? what did the first of all of these look like? what were the first of these made of? are they made of different materials now compared of back then? if so, what are they made of now? how is all of the types of guitars played? how did all six different guitars become popular? what genre are the six guitars usually played in? how are they maintained? please list your sources other than yourself! thank you for helping and answering these questions!

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    1. Antonio Banderas

    2. El Mariachi

    3. Carlos Santana

    in that order.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No single person invented any of those instruments. They developed over a long period of time.

    Do your own damn homework. Go to the library, grab the G volume of the encyclopedia, and start reading.

    Lazy dildo.

  • OU812
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    9 years ago

    Pretty sure Al Gore invented all of them. Sounds like you want someone to do your homework for you...nice try ( :

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