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So, waka people =D What do you think of my playlist?

Here it is :

1. Hypnotized [Pillar]

2. Aftershock [Pillar]

3. Holiday [Green Day]

4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Green Day]

5. Nobody's Home [Avril Lavigne]

6. Heaven Forbid [The Fray]

7. It's the Fear [Within Temptation]

8. Behind These Hazel Eyes [Kelly Clarkson]

9. Tous les Chemins [Marie-Mai]

10. Brighter [Paramore]

11. I Am Only One [We Are The Fallen]

12. Tear the World Down [We Are The Fallen]

13. Lose Control [Evanescence]

14. Having a Blast [Green Day]

15. Crushcrushcrush [Paramore]

16. Holding On [Pillar]

17. Nobody's Fool [Avril Lavigne]

18. Perfect [Alanis Morissette]

19. I'm With You [Avril Lavigne]

20. All I Need [Within Temptation]

21. Destroyed *Demo Version* [Within Temptation]

22. Taking Over Me [Evanescence]

23. Intro [Within Temptation]

24. See Who I Am [Within Temptation]

25. Underneath it All [Pillar]

26. The Howling [Within Temptation]

27. Let It Out [Pillar]

28. St. John [We Are The Fallen]

29. My Last Breath [Evanescence]

30. Whisper [Evanescence]

31. Your Star [Evanescence]

32. Memories [Within Temptation]

33. Forgiven [Within Temptation]

34. Sleep Well, My Angel [We Are The Fallen]

35. Angels [Within Temptation]

36. Careful [Paramore]

37. Born for This [Paramore]

38. Here We Go Again [Paramore]

39. Heart of Lilith [Inkubus Sukkubus]

40. Animal I Have Become [Three Days Grace]

41. Bring me to Life [Evanescence]

42. Fallen [Sarah McLachlan]

43. Innocence [Avril Lavigne]

44. My Immortal [Evanescence]

45. Emergency [Paramore]

46. Fences [Paramore]

47. Frontline [Pillar]

48. The Truth Beneath The Rose [Within Temptation]

49. Keep Holding On [Avril Lavigne]

50. Never-Ending Story [Within Temptation] can give out your opinion, tell me what you think, positive or not, I don't care! xD You can even look up some of the songs, tell me about bands or artists you think I'd like...anything! =P

I just want you to have fun and tell me a descriptive answer on what you think. =)

I feel like jokin' around a bit xP


PS : Waka peace. 'Cuz me gots no ideh whys i calleds yews waka!

Update 2:

@RJ : Well that's pretty direct...but it's okay, you have your own taste =3 I accept that. Thanks for answering!

Update 3:

@Paul Santos : Thanks! =3

@Dina : These are my favs too! =D

Update 4:

@Blitz : =3 Thanks for being honest! But the reason why there isn't much diversity is because I used the songs I have on my Zune to do that. And since I only buy albums (I don't download music), it's why there is many songs that can be found on the same album. Because I listen to Twisted Sister, The James Gang, Blue Oyster Cult, The Rasmus, and much more...but I don't have their albums =( I also would've liked to put Evanescence's old songs from origins and their demos [Especially "Lies" and "Breathe No More"] but couldn't since I don't have the albums =/ Thanks anyways though..

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    Not really much diversity, seems to be dominated by two or three bands.

    Broaden your horizons bro, is my advice

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  • 9 years ago

    It's an OK pop-rock playlist for me. I love Paramore and Avril Lavigne tho.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I like most of it.

    Green Day,Within Temptation,Pillar,Paramore.(:

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  • 9 years ago

    How about some more variety?

    Try The Black Keys or Jimi Hendrix or something.

    I don't like any of it either.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't like it. Any of it.

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