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Do space shuttles land on airports when coming back too earth.?

Like on the airports where air planes take off.

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    no... there are some public airports that the shuttle can land on in case of an emergency after launch, or on landing if requred, but only in an emergency (thankfully never required)... otherwise the shuttle will land at either the Shuttle Landing Facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida or Edwards Airforce Base in California... or as a 3rd and VERY LAST resort, White Sands Space Harbour in Las Cruces, New Mexico... White Sands has only ever been called on to support one shuttle landing.. STS 3 when Edwards was the prime landing site and White Sands was the back up

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    Shuttles land at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF in NASA-speak) at Cape Canaveral FL. Other landing sites were the Edwards Air Force Base in California and White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, used once in 1982 for the STS-3.

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    The Shuttles land at one of two locations.

    Prime landing location is the Kennedy Space Center. Alternate landing location is Edwards Air Force base.

    All the information you need regarding Shuttle landings can be found using Google. That is if you are aware of Google. Many here on Yahoo! Answers never heard of Google, let alone know how to use one of the most powerful research tools in the history of mankind.

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    Most are too short. Plus you need to fly it back to the Space center for service. That costs several million dollars

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    No. If there is traffic on the duty runway, then the shuttle can not execute a wave-off and go around. Landing for it is a one-try deal. So, it must land where there could not be the possibility of another plane.

    Source(s): Naval Aviator
  • Hey, No, Military bases

    Source(s): Me
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    No only on select military bases nothing public.

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    No, military bases

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    yes....much longer runways than most.

    Source(s): a former space shuttle pilot during presentation.
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