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Greatest fight that never happened?

All this talk recently about Mayweather vs. Pacquiao has got me thinking.

In you're opinion would be the greatest fight ever that never, or could never happen?

(Any combat sport)

For me it's Wanderlei Silva vs. Shogun Rua under PrideFC rules. I honestly believe had it happened it would have easily been one of the most exciting, violent fights of all time.


@Dayne I've often thought about that fight. I think Ali by decision or late rounds TKO for few reasons.

1: Ali had a huge reach and height advantage, and knew how to utilize it effectively.

2: He could take some serious damage, he was only TKO'd once past his prime, thus taking away Tyson's only significant advantage.

3: He fought and beat Foreman, who was pretty similar to Tyson.

Just my opinion of course, we'll unfortunately never know^

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    Alright, my list is limited to fights that could have happened and not "dream fights" between fighters from different eras so the likes of Ali-Tyson or Tyson-Marciano, etc. are out of the equation.

    1. Foreman vs. Holmes

    2. Tyson vs. Tua

    3. Frazier vs. Norton

    4. Holmes vs. Frazier

    5. Leonard vs. Pryor

    6. Marquez vs. Morales

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    9 years ago

    I know it's just imaginary because of differnt eras, But Tyson verses Ali (in their Prime) Speed and elusiveness Ali ,verses brute power and menace Tyson,

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    Would have loved to have seen Foreman/Ali 11. See Ali try the rope a dope again.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Aaron Pryor wow! Lenard wanted nothing to do with him and neither did Tommy Hearns.

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  • 9 years ago

    sugar ray vs paquaio. Don't think this has eva happened. Tyson vs ali, kosta tzyu vs oscar delahoya that would be a ***** awesome fight.

  • krull
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    3 years ago

    a number of mine: Lelouch(Code Geass) vs easy(loss of life be conscious) Naruto vs Luffy(One Piece) Inuyasha vs Haru(Rave grasp) Kamina&Simon(Gurren Lagann) vs Setsuna(Gundam) Ryu(highway Fighter vs Goku(DBZ) I genuinely have alot extra, only cant think of of them precise now.

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